August 11, 2009

seven, lucky seven

psst - check it out...i'm over here too.

there are times in the blog world that you meet new and fun people from across the miles, across the oceans and across the hemispheres. meeting toni from little suitcase was a delightful surprise. she has an easy manner that appeals to me, whether it's picture taking, quilting, her family, or cooking - she reads so calm and relaxed that it makes me happy. so, she sent along this little award - since i've had a long day crafting with one of my nieces and playing carpool mommy, i will take the easy way out and play along with this meme. no tags because generally everyone hates tags lately. play if you like to....or not.

i wonder what i haven't already told you....
:: i was in the court for my senior year military ball - i didn't win queen because it was based on who raised the most money. but it was fun to walk in the lead out under the crossed sabers. i was running a 103 fever that night, but i wasn't going to miss the dance.
:: i have three main doodles that i doodle whenever i'm in a meeting - cube/boxes, flowers, and capital cursive l's. over and over - up and down the sides of the notepad. i'm sure some therapist could make something out of that happening but i'm not sure why i do it.
:: i got married instead of going to college and always regretted that i didn't have the typical college experience with other people my age; however, i deeply believe because i waited to go to college that i appreciate it more.
:: when i was five i told my grandmother that she wasn't a 'real' grandmother because she wore red fingernail polish.
:: i'm a star trek geek and have seen every movie with all the varied casts. i remember going to one alone and being the only woman in the theater.
:: my love life motto is 'if that's the way that you want it, that's the way i want it more' - can you name the song?
:: i grew up loving television - it was always on in our house. instead of thinking it numbed my brain, i think i picked up a lot of interesting tidbits of knowledge and trivia - not everything i watched was trash. i can also sing all the words to 'i'm just a bill (up on capital hill)'

so there is my list, if the people above choose to play along, they will need to...
:: post the logo of the blog love token
:: thank and link to the person who passed it on to them
:: list seven things about themselves
:: pass the token on to seven other bloggers (and leave comments on their blogs to let them know they have been loved).


  1. Military ball? I'm curious about that; I don't know anyone that went to a military ball. I'm assuming you attended a private school?
    And the doodling! I always think to ask others what they doodle most because I do think it says a lot about where your mind goes when it wanders and wonders off.
    I was also raised in a Star Trek obsessed home. And Kids in the Hall along with Woody Allen influences. The TV was also always on and I am, to this day, a warehouse of useless knowledge on much thanks to it, I think. But, I agree, I don't think it neccesarily warps the mind either. It's what you choose to watch and how you interpret it that matters.
    With that, your opinion on your grandmother's saucy red nails was hilarious. I liked this tag. If I get a rainy day, I might have to join you. Hope all's well. :)

  2. I am bill...loved school house rock! I was a TV junkie too! Good stuff to read Char!

  3. Very interesting Char. Take care.

  4. I doodle on everything. Sometimes I draw faces, sometimes spirals. I also write the alphabet compulsively in cursive only. I seem to write time flies a lot as well. Let me know what that therapist says about this habit. I'm curious.

  5. I doodle boxes/cubes, too! And stars. Maybe we feel boxed in?

    I also skipped college to get married. It's the biggest regret of my life (not my marriage). It's just never been convenient since then to go back.

    I also feel the same as you about the TV I watched as a kid. We lived such a small life, that it seemed like educational enrichment to me.

  6. you

  7. I, too, regret that I never had that college life for a little while. I moved in with my boyfriend (later husband) and we went to community college. At the same time my sister was in the dorm, going to the university, and I was a little jealous even then. I went to school and got a degree but I miss that I never made those college friends that you can keep for life.

  8. tee hee!! love what you said to your grandma!!!!

  9. I'm just dropping by to say I always read you, but I don't comment much.

    I've noticed over the last six months or so that your photography has really jumped into a new stratosphere. You almost inspire me to take a photography course, but then I think it will take me years to get anywhere with it and I'm already so old.


    Love your work, as always.

  10. Ooooo I love to doodle too, polka dotted mushrooms, flowers, swirly designs, etc....but I usually did it when I was bored and I have not been that way since I retired! Here's to you Doodlebug!

  11. aw Char! That is so nice what you wrote. Thank you.
    You are right. I am pretty calm. I think my husband rubs off on me. He is so laid-back he should be asleep.
    You are special. I am off to see the other blog.

  12. I love this post and also for always droping by for a visit.Thanks so much.

  13. i love, love this! so glad i stopped by today.


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