September 14, 2009

totally cheesing out with my mosaic this week

my contribution for mosaic monday. sadly, i've not gone out and made any shots besides the random around the house shots in a week. clearly not following the best advice i give any beginning photographer (which is shoot every day). after the panic last week of thinking my camera was stolen, i haven't had the time.

saturday i took an exam for insurance examiner - it was hard. i am a decent test taker and it took almost the complete three hours saturday. now, i hope i did okay with it. and no, it wasn't one of those, oh i think i did bad so i really did great kind of feelings - it was i really hope i did good. sunday was filled with household chores and checking on the basement cat. poor thing, he doesn't get enough attention so i made sure he was healthy and happy yesterday.

have you ever woken up on morning and hated everything that you've worked on in the previous week? i've been working on an in-service that just wasn't flowing right for me (HIPAA and the impact of ARRA - see, you're bored, right?) i think i've put my finger on the reason and after it's reviewed by the client this week, we can re-approach it and break it into two parts. the material is not the snappiest in the world anyway, no need to put the audience completely in sandman town.

so, hopefully shots and my challenge shot for LUT too. dani laid down a big gauntlet last night and i really want to stretch with this one. despite being so verbose around here...i'm really sort of shy about approaching new people so it will definitely be a giant leap.

and look at this way - i've spared you all the shots of my spider-bitten finger. about six weeks ago the tip of my left index finger was swollen and i thought i had an ingrown nail or infected cuticle. after a couple of days it got better and i didn't think of it again...until my nail started growing in all weird and bumpy. turns out, it was a spider bite (thank goodness it wasn't a brown recluse). now i have a bumpy nail growing in under my other nail and i'm having to gradually file off my other nail. ick, ick, ick. and thing is, i'm pretty friendly with my spider pals because i know they eat other insects. now, i'm not so sure they're so friendly - like charlotte.

and...i forgot the fun thing today - (other) char challenged me to draw my outfit today (my kinda selfie) and this is what happened. it wasn't pretty....believe me.


  1. a three hour test....whoa, good for you !
    I sucked as a child test taker and I can't even imagine doing it as an adult....

    and yikes...a spider bite that caused a finger nail issue...oh poor thing !

    and thanks for the reminder to get out and shoot...I need to soooooo bad....and hee hee, you know me...I'm going to be looking for a stranger...maybe even 3 or 4 of them :)

  2. Spiders totally freak me out and now I know why...yikes and ick for sure!

    Love your mosaic... I am so tired from travelling I could not even put one together if I tried!

    It's good to catch up again...

  3. oh no! your nail problem! i will send good nail healing thoughts your way.
    even though you think your collage is cheesy, i like the photos in it. i don't know of many things more welcoming than an open field. good picnic places!

  4. i LIKE your mosaic..I do NOT like test taking and I am also very shy about taking pictures of i took one of an unsuspecting toddler this morning...loving the group by the way

  5. i love your mosaic! oh that spider bite- argh, i had one, it drove me crazy until it was gone.
    : )

  6. You're funny...I'm sure you did just fine on your test...
    I love your I'm a sucker for trees...
    AND...spiders...I'm cool with...until they bite me,ouch!
    Have a better evening friend.

  7. The only spiders I like are daddy long legs.
    But I do love your moaic this week.

  8. I love the mosaic. I agree with you that photographers must try to shoot everyday but I'm so guilty of not following that advice. I get this feeling each time I hold my camera that it's work time again.

  9. No worries about your test, I bet you passed it. Collage is beautiful, and am I the only weirdo who is interested in seeing the spider bite-funky nail growth pictures now? I probably am... :D

  10. These are lovely photos! And I'm so glad the test is behind you. I hope your finger gets better soon. Don't be so hard on yourself. You've a lot going on!

  11. I like your mosaic and I hope your week gets better. 3 hour tests are never nice even if you do well, a spider bite and no liking your work. well they say things come in 3 so it must be all up from here for you.

  12. Spider bites? Yikes!

    I think your mosaic is great...and I haven't been getting out taking pictures much this week either...and I don't have any excuses:(

    If you can make HIPAA interesting you can do Anything!

  13. Hope you did well on your test, I will have my fingers crossed. Char what is Hipaa. Take care.

  14. you are going to be okay. reading your blog i can see that you are determined and relentless in this pursuit. good for you.

  15. Hi
    I came here from Relyn's blog and your blog is as beautiful as hers is. Good luck with the tests you took. I can empathise completely with your post: Fears.
    I just left these words on someone else's blog, a little while ago, they have become my mantra for now:
    Life is mostly froth and bubble; two things stand like stone; kindness in another's trouble; courage in your own.

  16. Good luck ;) I know you did good!!!

  17. i like this post -sort of random, but real (well that's what i always like about your posts - their honest and real). anyway, i hope your test scores are just what you need and that you wake up this week and love everything you're doing. (by the way i had a week like that too)
    And i LOVE the group you started. thanks

  18. cindy - HIPPA is the privacy act that all providers that deal with health information have to follow in the states. it can make life very complicated for some businesses but it's good for the people. it's like the nurses and people that are in trouble for reading Michael Jackson's health information.

  19. spider bite...NO THANKS!

    Hope you are having a great day.

  20. So sorry about your finger...spiders=yuk!
    I like the drawing of yourself, really I do and it has great colors in the photo!

  21. ack! a spider bite!!! so lucky it wasn't a brown recluse! SHUDDER!!!

    and i hope that you did well on the exam. i will keep my fingers crossed for you. :)

  22. thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my blog! I do know that song, "I'll Be" and I absolutely love it.

    And we can hold out for the real thing together ;)

    love + luck + bliss
    missysue xox

  23. Why, Char, I think that sketch looks just like you! :)

    Ouchie on the spider bite! I hope it's going to be okay? Hard to believe one little spider could do that much damage.

    Your mosaic may not have inspired you, but I think it is beautiful! I guess I'm not a real photographer, because I can go for a whole week without snapping any pics. Oh well.

  24. You sound as if you've been busy - I hope the spider bite is okay!?

    Love the drawing! Very cool, tea cup (well I can only see the saucer) lovely too!

  25. shooting everyday is tough, especially when your day consists of house -- car -- office -- car -- house. i love your shots.

  26. it kinda freaks me out a bit that your handwriting is really a lot like my dad's! like a LOT! like it looks completely like he wrote that.

    love the tone of the picture, tho'

  27. Just had to say, your drawing is better than mine. And I love your handwriting. Excuse the weird comment. It's just that I have this really weird thing for handwriting, and it always hijacks my attention.


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