November 21, 2009

gratitude:: day 20 of 30

it's official....i'm crazy about love. you could say that i'm in love with love. that's right. i'm one of those weird creatures that is a practical romantic.

they say that everyone has two sides of their natures - my two sides are practical (reasonable, down-to-earth, problem solver) that is juxtapositioned with a romantic that wants to believe all fairy tales come true.

now...usually, my practical nature takes over because, well, it's just easier to live most days in taking care of business. but....i get girlish giggles when there is evidence that true love reigns.

i'm a sucker for the fluffy chick flicks with improbable happenings like a random late night phone call to a radio show leads to true love atop the empire state building - that someone can be captured by pirates and survive to rescue his true love from an evil prince....the tender trap that fairytales and barbies sets us up for to always be disappointed. *sigh*

yes...i'm a sucker for love. and though love hasn't always treated me kindly, i still hold a sweet spot for it in the very center of my heart. and i'm grateful that i've loved before...even though i've lost. when the time comes again, i'll be ready.


  1. so much tenderness here, char. "In love with love." I like that. You'll be ready when it comes knocking. That much I'm sure. p.s. the pugs are adorable in their bed of leaves. :)

  2. will be ready...I believe it!
    This made me smile big becasue I'm just like those movies too!
    Love always abounds! :0)

    Happy weekend!

  3. That unyielding belief in love is indeed something to be thankful for. It's like that Sinatra song about fairy tales. : )

  4. This gave me the biggest smile. And those puglets? Adorable.

  5. My sister-in-law told me years ago that I was 'a hopeless romantic'. I was hurt.
    And then I realized I was much better off being a hopeless romantic than being super practical in every single way. Like she is. God love her.

  6. How much better to look at life through "love" colored glasses, tinting our days with goodness and beauty. Love this vision ...

  7. Char, I love the photo, you just want to pick them up. You will find love again, because you are a loving person. I am a sucker for the chic flics. I love Ever favorite is Tristen and Isolde, that will make you cry for sure, it has knights and castles, etc. Take care.

  8. I guess I'm jaded. I was once like that. But my practical side has taken over, and trust comes very hard for me. I seem to be the type to give all or nothing, unfortunately. And time has chipped at the edges of my fairy tale until I'm just, well, practical now. A simpler life, certainly. But a little sad too.

  9. i'm a sucker for you. this is very sweet and right at the heart of you! and when that love finds you, they will be the lucky one!

  10. how sweet that photo is...were there a few out takes? There usually is when love is involved...i love everything you do char !

  11. Me too :) Last night I watched Love Actually for the 50th time (well, maybe not quiet 50...but it sure feels that way.). That movie is the best and makes my heart melt and ache every time I watch it. Here's to love!

  12. I've watched Sleepless in Seattle many times and still enjoy it everytime. Guess I'm a sucker for love too hehehehehe

  13. in love with love... me too. something about seeing young couples in love... or especially elderly couples who have probably been married forever and still very much in love tugs at my heart strings.

  14. I'm proud to be a sucker as well!
    adorable pugs~

  15. oh...
    i felt like you could
    have been describing me
    in the midst of those words...
    practical on the outside
    but there is that other side,
    that many people don't see
    {although those in blogland
    see all too often...}
    that is soft and gauzy white
    dresses and believes in love
    at first sight.

    and i loved your last
    two lines.


  16. I wish everyone was a sucker for love...many are not and they have hard hearts...almost stone like...and I wonder how that happens...

    I'm a lover of love, too :)

  17. That's what makes a woman a woman...our everlasting desire for mad, sweet, romantic love.

  18. A person so gorgeous such as yourself could not miss out on love a second time.
    It's coming. Around that corner.

  19. How adorable. I too, am a sucker for romance:)

  20. Sigh.

    sigh, sigh.

    What can I say? Me, too. There is nothing like love. Whatever way it comes to us.

    I love that you'll be ready when it comes again. It makes me smile and smile.

  21. i feel like i'm a hopeless romantic. i dream of the fairy tale love but maybe i'm too practical for it to find me. please let me be ready to latch on with a full embrace when the time is right.
    love the photo! such sweet pug love.

  22. You sound just like me, Char! Practical and pragmatic, but with that stubborn streak of romantic notions running through. Having a loving heart is wonderful and yours shines through in everything you do and say and the photos you make, especially of your family.

  23. I just adore this photo of pugs in love!...and I adore being in love with love and all that it implies...always be open to love...


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