November 29, 2009

gratitude:: day 28 of 30

have i mentioned before you all are way too kind? and what on earth is 'too kind' and why is it we say that. sorry - i went george carlin there for a second. i guess that one can be so kind that it could be a detriment to you, if you didn't say no when needed. so...i will say it this way - you all are very kind. such a boost of encouragement in these waning days of the month when i'm flagging.

i was happy for a day of rest after the two-fer family days - i babysat the ever gorgeous GA and ME saturday night and they ran me a bit ragged. *smile* as only two and almost five year olds are likely to do. after four hours sleep (the two year old woke me at 4:30) i nursed a headache all day. so, i'm grateful for the medicines of today - it always makes me think as i pop headache remedies, how did people cope with the pain of migraines back in the day. chew willow root and take to their bed for days i'm sure. food for thought.

and have you see the news bit about the couple sneaking into the state dinner and not being ashamed about it? they're seeking six-figures to be interviewed? pbah... they should be shunned if you ask me. i've been to the white house before (not to a state dinner of course) and it is a thing of beauty - we should be proud of it and honored to visit, and not some attention seeking glory hounds.

so i'm also grateful for security and feeling safe in my home. i know there are many places in the world where that is true luxury.


  1. Party crashers no matter what party or where they crash are rude...period. They should not be making anything from this...what a sad example!!

    As for babysitting and migraines and being thankful for youngest son gets migraines so I know how they feel (through his suffering). You questioned how people in the old days coped with them and what they used...I'm betting there weren't as many of these types of headaches back's life and how we live it today with all the chemicals and pollution and stress that give us so much of what we contend with. I'm sure there were headaches (they had their powders!) but I think we have so much more of everything these days!

  2. that couple should be put in that balloon, along with the man who made us all think his son was in there.....crazy people !

    and I hope your migraine is feeling better....I had my first cluster headache the other morning and wow, do those every hurt like a migraine, but just in one spot....thanks to dr. oz I knew what it was :)

  3. Not only is that couple rude, by crashing the White House. Seeking their few minutes of fame by being asses. But have you seen those t-shirts and such on the internet that wish the President dead and his wife widowed! This country has gotten w-a-y out of hand in my opinion. People weren't always this disrespectful, were they? I know I raised my girls with an iron hand. If nothing else they were going to be kind to animals and the elderly and be respectful. I was just a kid myself, but they weren't going to be respectful! And I'm proud of both of my girls. And do you know how these people hawking their wares with the t-shirts (and some say toys!) are getting off? The old religion pass, I hear. With the right to speech thrown in. Because this kind of thing is considered felonious. Thoughts, anyone? Please, is it just me that thinks this and the tea party crap is crap?

  4. ...It can be a scary world we live in..I'm thinking that the Obama's are not as safe in their home as they should be...that couple should be arrested and ordered unable to make money on their foolishness or it might encourage others to do the same....

  5. I really love your expressions of gratefulness. So true.

    One Love.

  6. Safe and secure....wonderful you said: not everyone has this.

  7. glad your headache is better.
    feeling safe in ones home - for this I am grateful too.

  8. I agree. It's shameful that people would try that for temporary fame. It's a little scary that someone can get that close to the president.

  9. Sometimes I think Elvis had the right idea when he shot that TV.

    'Nuff said.

  10. what a stunning photo Char...your the best...I'm grateful for the George Carlin reference and being old enough to understand


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