November 28, 2009

gratitude:: day 27 of 30

i've sat here most of the evening avoiding this post because as the end of this month approaches, i'm happy and sad about this project. i'm happy that i've taken the time to examine things that i'm grateful for and the ability to post them out into the ether. i'm happy that you all read them and can find some relatibility in some of them. and, truthfully, i'm really glad about it coming to an end - and sad about it too. a daily commitment is a big thing for me outside of something like love or a job. so this has been an effort of posting everyday day. the only days i missed were the days i did not have access to a computer. (they have not build a blogger interface for the iphone yet - smile)

yesterday, i was grateful for a two-fer of family time this week. once on thursday for the holiday and the second for the other annual holiday, the iron bowl. let's take them one at a time. the holiday was good - we were together and even though the chaos of the actual eating wigged me a bit, it was good to see everyone's faces at the time...though i really missed one of my brothers. the afternoon of just hanging out was good too.

and then there's the iron bowl - the annual game for absolute bragging rights in this state. where choosing sides can be tantamount to a civil war or at least a 'feud'. it's a game when anything can happen just on the sheer emotion of the game...for example, my team went into the game as the #2 team in the nation and a 24-point favorite. they won in the last quarter by only five points. auburn played out of their head and alabama appeared flat and looking past the current game. though i'm glad bama won, except for a couple of plays, auburn deserved the win. that being said - roll tide. i'm a good and faithful fan.

so, the gratitude today is about fellowship, closeness and football. things that seem to go together when it comes to weekends in the fall. (and there you probably though i was going to go on and on about how adorable my nieces


  1. Glad you had a good thanksgiving. It was quiet here, glad you were with your family...we are watching hockey tonight, tomorrow afternoon football. ha ha, and you thought I would go on about my nieces. that was cute. lol.

  2. I think it's great that you're grateful for football. Loved hearing that!

    (i know nothing of football. sorry. but my husband is into it).

  3. wow...this gratitude daily journal has flown by...well, for me it has :)

    and posting daily can turn into a huge commitment...that's why when my brain is mushy, I use the pre-posting option....and actually, it's mushy quite often if you're wondering :)

    and your nieces...well, they are adorable !

  4. Sounds like two perfect days to me. I agree about daily's not easy for sure! Heck, I am going on almost 2 days without posting...maybe a new record for :)

  5. A great twofer! We had football on all day Thursday too but I have to admit that I didn't have one minute to watch it...I've strangely grown into enjoying football more as I've gotten has the rest of my family...not sure what that is all about:)

  6. You are so gorgeous Char. You make me very so very happy.
    I have no idea about football or thanksgiving, but we have so much in common yet we are on opposite sides of the world.
    You are a wonderful person.

  7. Congratulations on the win!

    So sorry I haven't kept up with your posts last week...I was so busy with a houseful of people. I'm thankful that today ALL of them are in their own homes! :)

  8. This was an interesting project and I give you applause for it. I'm not sure I could have done it. Enjoyed the posts. Have a great day.

  9. I think the bittersweet nature of doing anything that has involved a commitment of "every day" is natural. You've loved the experience but you are ready for a new challenge for yourself.

    Time spent with family is always joyful and honouring an annual event like your iron bowl? Just bliss!

  10. I am also very glad you did this project. There is nothing like focusing on gratitude to bring more joy to your life. So, thank you on behalf of all your readers, for bringing more joy to our lives.

  11. I only watch one game of the year...and that's the Iron Bowl....I thought my team might win...right down to the end. They sure put up a good fight. War Eagle!

    ps I'm grateful they didn't lose miserably this year.

  12. I know what you mean about the mixed feelings for this project as last year I participated in Darlene's "December Views" (Urban Hippy Girl)

    and although I was so glad that I did it and actually compiled it all in a Blurb book for myself, it was a huge commitment during a busy month. Congratulations Char on completing this lovely project.

  13. Hey...bragging rights are good...go for it! You have lots to brag (lack of a better word) about...and what better place to do so than your blog! :)

  14. Yay for closeness and
    fellowship. Can't say
    much 'bout football
    though. ;o)

  15. Have you ever read Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer? About the folks who follow all the Alabama away games in RV's? It's a good read.


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