December 14, 2009

musings and such

a fog has wrapped montgomery in a swath of dingy gray-white blankets and the hushed sounds of the city have me feelings as if i'm alone in the world. perched in my little office, looking down on the traffic, isolated in a sea of government workers, construction, and traffic. the world is moving around me as i sit here watching - a metaphor? a self-fulling prophesy? a stagnation? or just a moment? too much to ponder. i'm reminded with that thought of a quote from susan st. james, 'to reach the finish line is the beginning of another race.' today it feels as if the dash to the next race is weighted by the sandbags around my ankles. can you loan me a starter pistol?

ode to billy joe just came on my ipod - anyone remember bobbie gentry? her songs remind me of my childhood as mom had a few albums of hers - a duet album with glen campbell and then, 'fancy' (you know that song that reba made a big hit.) anyway, the song suits my foggy musings.

the rain now has come and washed the fog away - isn't it amazing how fast things can change. i'm glad now that i ducked out the front door to shoot a couple of pictures of the capital. the pristine white marble against the soft whites of the fog were beautiful. sometimes i look at the dome though and thing about my uncle that i never met and how he lost his life keeping that dome in that pristine condition. (he was pressure washing the dome and his safety rope broke - it was in the 1960's and i never knew him.) i wonder if my cousin can look at the capital the same way?

across the street, the construction of the building goes higher and higher. men there weld rebar to the girders while hanging from safety harnesses. the sparks arc like blue dragonflies in the rainy greys of the afternoon. i can see the crane move steel branches back and forth and hear the machinery's slight hum of activity. below the traffic is slowed by watchers that hold yellow caution signs. dr. king's church sits on the corner - dark and lonely in the rain.

i've finished my last sip of coffee and the garish christmas cup sits on my desk as an indictment of my lack of decoration. around me are christmas trees and wreaths. daily 'goodies' have started their long slouch towards bethlehem and dooming my waistline to a purgatory of prayers until i reach the balance of indulgence and resistance.

i'll finish up with nick drake's 'poor boy', another good song for a rainy day. i hope you're having a beautiful day.


  1. your picture words and thoughts are amazing.

  2. yes ...the weather and the season play tricks...some good...some not.

  3. Wow Char, your musings have me musing.

  4. I've been wanting to get a shot of cat tails forever, love the light.

  5. I loved your words today...
    they were full of life !

    I have some words waiting to be shared, but I can't get them to go anywhere....or I have no idea how to get a post out of them....

    it was grey here today....then white white blinding white and then grey again and now it's time to jump into sweats and call it a day !

  6. You write so darn good!
    I am such a dodo. I cannot write like this.
    I used to work with a view and I would always stare out the window and wonder where every one was going.
    Sometimes a view can make you feel very lonely.

  7. Your post today seems like all photographs, but with words as your film. I definitely see the scenes you describe, and yes, I remember Ode to Billy Joe. A very melancholy tune, indeed.

  8. Hmmm, working hard are we Char?
    Love it, a picture of life around you as you know it...
    Hope you're enjoying the afternoon....evening.

  9. Although you may not have much time, you seem to at least have the presence of mind to be broody. I envy you that. ; )

  10. I love to read your "musings." Sad about your uncle. I'm afraid of heights myself. You are so inspiring with your words.

  11. A good day but an ugly one here too. Rain, fog, heavy rain, lightening, thunder and now flooding. The long road we live just off of is closed. Flooded at one end and someone's pond is overflowing just below us! A trapped feeling in a dark storm....with no chance of it letting up any time soon! Enough is enough. Really puts a damper on things...... :(
    May your tomorrow be better and brighter Char!

  12. One of the best sentences ever:

    daily 'goodies' have started their long slouch towards bethlehem and dooming my waistline to a purgatory of prayers until i reach the balance of indulgence and resistance.

    I hear you. It began last week at school. Maddening.

  13. Ditto on all of the above ;)

    But may I also say (if I have not said it before) that with the tunes you list in your posts I am convinced that your ipod is just hours upon hours of musical bliss.

  14. we woke up to heavy rain and strong winds. staying dry inside, music on and dancing!

  15. Beautiful post, Sorry to hear about your uncle from way back. You are always thinking of others, turn your music on and just be. Big hug.

  16. Remember this one?

    "I bless the day I found you,
    I want to stay around you,
    Now and forever,
    Let it be me.

    Don't take this heaven from one,
    If you must cling to someone,
    Now and forever,
    Let it be me."

    That was the hit single from the Glen Campbell/Bobbie Gentry album. I've always loved that song. And I know all the words to "Ode to Billy Joe".

    Nice post, Char.

  17. ode to billy joe - one of my favorites. takes me back to the confusion of being a teen.

    have a great day -

  18. what a great post. we had that fog here in Atlanta but it never lifted all day long. i looked out my window high in the sky and saw nothing but thick gray all day - could not even see the street below. it's an odd feeling.

  19. Hehe...I have given up on that oh-so-unatainable balance. Here's my idea of balance: For the month of December, indulgence...and January, resistance. I think it's much easier this way. ;)

  20. You have a gift for words Char. I love the thought of goodies on the long slouch towards Bethlehem.

  21. I love foggy days! Especially if they inspire you to write such thoughtful and beautiful posts!

  22. oh.
    your writing was fantastic in this.

    and ode to billy joe?
    not only do i remember it
    but i LOVE it...
    much to my kids (and husband's)


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