December 15, 2009

no lords or ladies need apply

too much? *giggle* it made me chuckle. i heartily prescribe at least three chuckles, one belly laugh and perhaps a chortle or two per day, whenver possible. laughter makes the blues bearable.

heck, if you're hating on the holiday season, it will be over in a matter of three weeks. and, that flies by - right? (it does if you're as old as i am - i can't tell you where november got to so fast but it hit supersonic and was gone before i knew it.) maybe you can do a reverse advent calendar if you just have to. should we do that, invent the cynic's anti-advent? (teasing!! i promise) it makes me laugh to think what would be the daily 'treats' - certainly no peppermint or chocolate. (probably lumps of coals cut into pendants or switches for our vases?)

tomorrow, i'm kicking my grinch in the but(t) and getting him out. i'm going to check my christmas china to see what it needs to be ready for christmas breakfast. i'm going to finish the stockings and start helping santa stuff them. i'm buying my five or six presents and i'm going to be happy about them. i refuse to take on any projections of what christmas is 'supposed' to be. my parents loved christmas and even the years where we didn't have much, according to my mom, i can't remember wanting at all. i'm going to remind myself of that.

what in the heck would i do with all those calling birds and ladies dancing anyway - talk about obsessive (and excessive) behavior. who wants all that bird poo and men leaping about? and the noise of the drummers would just give me a headache. ugh.

so there funk, what cha' think about that ms. sour apple? (i have a feeling she's sitting in the corner smoking incessant salem's and bitching about her virulent hate of tinsel)

ps - ms. sour apple is me (goes without sayin').
pss - no geese, calling birds, partridges or other named fowl were harmed in the writing of this blog. i could not say the same if ladies came in my office dancing right now. i reserve the right to any gold rings left laying about.


  1. i got a good chuckle out of that comic. thanks.
    no more ms. sour apples, ok?

  2. You are hilarious!
    Thanks for the first chortle of the day.

  3. oh my. so funny, ms. sour apple.

    did you see the quote in real simple this month? "Wealth consists not i n having great possessions but in having few wants." -esther de waal, seeking god: the way of st. benedict

  4. Oh laughter is so good for the soul...loved that cartoon!!! And your decision to kick your grinch in the but(t) and get on with what feels right for the season is a perfect recipe for making the season bright! :)

  5. oh me too having a hard time this year getting into the happy christmas mood. yuk!!! but hey everyone else wants christmas so whats a mother spose'd to do but suck it up and bring it on i guess. darn hard right now. love the comic soooo funny.

  6. you're so friken funny...I think I definitely laughed harder reading your post...thanks for the chuckle.
    I hope one day to meet...with Ms Sour puss....
    Thanks for always being there when I go back to check my posts...and for asking such thoughtful questions.
    My Dad seems better...just waiting on the results is hard.
    We'll celebrate hopefully soon.

  7. ohhhh....your christmas spirit has already invaded you...I can see it and hear it in your words and writing...
    that grinch is gone....or at least sitting outside on your doorstep....

    I love that you have found the determination to love the season....I'm still working on it :)

  8. i was feeling like a bit of a sour apple myself, but am SLOWLY getting a tiny bit excited for christmas. and, in all honesty, i'll really be glad when christmas and new year's are done! ;)

  9. I was having anxiety attacks in the children's toy section today. I finally got a couple things picked out (to add to the 2 toys sitting under the tree at home) then found out the store didn't take checks.

    I got home and complained loudly, to which my mom said, "He doesn't NEED anything more. He's two! Don't go back."

    I didn't go back, and now I'm feeling much better about Christmas. Go figure. :)

  10. OK! Nothing like getting it all out in the pick your self up out of that corner, dust yourself off and get ready to kick some butt and bury him in tinsel!!!

    I love that comic and was going to post it too...hahaha..I'm at a loss for words today :(
    I believe I would kick some ladies dancing too...if you have any of those gold rings left me!

  11. Too funny!

    You know what you need to be with your nieces on Christmas morning. No one can remain grumpy while watching the pure delight of children. As for me, I drive to Huntsville, arrive at midnight, sleep on the sofa and get up at the crack of dawn. It is so much better than being home alone.

  12. Your Christmas china sounds lovely ... and festive. What does it look like, maybe a photo on a post? Enjoy planning the breakfast menu, I'm sure it'll be scrumptious!

  13. who wants all that bird poo and men leaping about? and the noise of the drummers would just give me a headache. ugh.

    You are COMPLETELY cracking me up! Hilarious. I've always hated that song and thought it was utter nonsense. I hate the little boy banging his loud drum, too.

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  15. I chortled all day long today. Must have been something in the air.

  16. crack me up! Love the cartoon *snicker*

  17. the more giggles, belly laughs and chortles the better!

  18. The Australian version of the 12 days of Christmas call for 11 snakes are sliding.... I can't imagine anyone wanting 11 venomous snakes as a gift!!

  19. ROFLOL!!! I love it! Someone sent me that comic along with a few others in an email. Still cracks me up!

    Glad you're kicking out old Grinch! Bake some cookies...that will get you in the mood!

  20. I would also like to prescribe at least four Christmas movies playing in the background as you get festive
    1) Miracle on 42nd Street
    2) Christmas Vacation - natl Lampoon
    3) It's a Wonderful Life
    4) Christmas Story

  21. Normally I'm very anti-holiday spirit but this time I've gotten sucked in a little, maybe because I need something a little warm and fuzzy right now.

    I still won't single xmas carols though.

  22. It's juvenile I know, but jokes about nose picking make me laugh.

    I'll understand if you don't want to be friends anymore.

  23. I love the Frosty strip and I love this post! You are one funny woman, and I completely adore that. Thanks for the Christmas cheer. I'm exhausted tonight, and this was just what I needed to get me ready to kick some lord and lady butts tomorrow!

    xo Gigi

  24. Love that comic! And I think it probably helps everyone's general outlook to get a few giggles at the expense of what can sometimes be a very hidebound tradition... maybe ms. sour apple just needs to blow off some steam. :)

  25. heeheeheehee...
    that comic strip totally made
    me giggle out loud!
    too cute...
    and your description of
    grumblings and salems and tinsel.



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