July 15, 2010

7-link challenge

photography by susannah conway
passing on a fun challenge that the ever lovely susannah (i adore her writing and photography!) borrowed from darren at problogger.... and she's right, problogger is one of my favorite reads as it gives good insight to what other people are doing, or recently its given me some inspiration....so, without much more ado...

your first post - give into the wave - this blog was initially started after i had taken a big break from myspace.  i needed a place to deal with several demons that i was fighting and it was started as a private journal.  it evolved into my 'safe place' to be myself. 

a post you enjoyed writing the most - on depression because it was a time that i admitted that i had a problem and went on to do something about it.

a post which had a great discussion - knowing the trick.  it seemed that a lot people knew the best cure for what ails you is remembering to learn to breathe.

a post on someone else’s blog that you wish you’d written - opening my eyes to compassion blind spots.  i have three or four blogs that i follow that write so beautifully and profoundly that i am humbled by their words.  she is one of them. 

your most helpful post - christmas in july - two recipes on one blog....and i tell the secret of my mother's cornbread dressing

a post with a title that you are proud of - at the chime of a city clock - who can go wrong with nick drake?

a post that you wish more people had read - john lennon was a prophet - the one where i try to explain exactly who i am.


  1. I don't know if I will ever join in this challenge as my posts have so few words but I want to let you know how much I enjoyed getting to know you better!....The more I know you the more I like you:)...just sayin'...

  2. If anyone knows why my photo is suddenly not showing up on comments even tho I haven't changed a thing please let me know!

  3. wow....did this feel like homework ?
    or did you easily remember the posts you re-shared ?

    i would have such a hard time going back and "finding" posts that would fit certain categories....

    now i'm off to check yours out :)

  4. it was a bit of research. except for the first post, that was the easiest one.

  5. Oh wow...I can't wait to read these!!! Cool idea!

  6. Char, I loved "John Lennon was a prophet". I learned a lot about you as a person.

    I really liked this post...so much, in fact, that I decided to do my own.


  7. i loved your John Lennon post, hon - awesomeness xo

  8. ps. for some reason my blog's spam catcher continues to block your comments - SO annoying! but i keep an eye out for them :)

  9. Great post.

    It's a fabulous idea to go back through our posts and look at how blogging has evolved. There are post that I've written that I've loved, and the response was tepid. I always find that intriguing.

    God's blessings on your day.


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