July 26, 2010

it's friday and i love a list (three days late and probably more than a few dollars short)

i didn't get to post my friday list, well...on friday.  so, breaking the rules...here's my friday list on monday....

reasons that summer in the deep south kinda sucks:
1.  humidity - good personal grooming habits are almost impossible to maintain if you go outside in july or august.
2.  heat - it's been in excess of the mid-90's for several days, some days right at 100. 
3.  the heat index - i think these indexes are hinky science because frankly, once the thermometer goes over 90 - it's hot...totally hot.
4.  mosquitoes - they get as big as say...a small hummingbird.  or is it they just feel that way when they land. 

reasons that summer in the deep south kinda doesn't suck:
1.  honeysuckle - the sweet scent of honeysuckle on a warm night is romantic and makes me think of first kisses in the moonlight.
2.  fireflies - they're magical as they flit across the yard.  they make me believe in fairies, frolics and happy thoughts.
3.  swimming - lakes, swimming pools - wherever.  we can usually get in the water much earlier and stay much later.  and swimming in the dark under stars?  to overuse a phrase - magical.  makes me want to be a niaid. 
4.  fresh veg and fruit - though i don't grow my own, i love fresh peas, butterbeans, squash, cucumbers, okra and the other wonderful veg of summer.  and don't get me started on peaches and plums!  yum.

things my inner child is screaming to do today:
1.    play with bubbles
2.    crack open a new box of crayons (love that scent) and color to my heart's content
3.    have pjb and koolaid for lunch (grape is my favorite flavor)
4.    nap
5.    make a clover necklace
6.    eat birthday cake for dessert
7.    play connect the dots
8.    skip up and down the long hallway at work
9.    stamp my feet when faced with work i don't wanna do
10.  splash
today on my ipod - fugitive (david gray), wanna be startin' somthin' (michael jackson), one big love (patty griffin), these are days (10,000 maniacs, born to fly (sara evans), fireflies (lori mckenna), steal my kisses (ben harper), with or without you (u2), words (ryan adams), slow dancing in a burnnig room (john mayer)

the shot today is from this week's homework assignment and it's called "prison break"


  1. fireflies are magical, my heart opened wide when i saw them dance through my yard while we were 'home' in atlanta. magical!

  2. i love love love this post and totally agree.
    so glad you stopped by my blog. thanks for the kind words and i hope we can get to know each other more!
    my dad passed in 2001 and sundays were our days, so i know what you mean... sucks. :(
    also, totally wish i could take credit, but the photos from my guest post at 60 40 are from weheartit.com-- awesome site!!!

  3. I love lists too... I really enjoyed reading yours. Especially your inner child screams... I would love to do ALL those things with ya ;)

  4. Humidity makes a photo shoot seriously unpleasant.

  5. I miss fireflies...don't have them in Cali :( I love your list...good stuff...except for the extreme heat and humidity!

  6. That picture is killing me!

    Summers in the South sound a lot like summers in Michigan. The mosquitoes are so big here they could pick you up and fly away with you.

  7. sperlygirl: so magical.

    ...on the brink: i miss those days.

    manda: that would be a great day, wouldn't it? my outer adult is rather pouty that work makes me be responsible.

    robin: totally agree. i invited two models yesterday to shoot, so glad they said no.

    caroline: no fireflies? you need to import them immediately! :)

    mandy: corny fun right? mosquitoes are just evil.

  8. Just lettin' you know I love your posts.

  9. hi Char
    oh my goodness... i love this ... LOVE...

    your inner child ones are fabulous.
    i love the crayon one and the stamp my feet one. :)

    so glad you shared your list today. i needed it.

    xxo, kim

  10. love the sent of new crayons too.mmmmm you have just given me an incredibly weird craving to smell them ;)
    fireflies sound amazing

  11. another reason it does not suck..is the winters...just sayin...

    cake for dinner is ALWAYS an option here!!

  12. I love your lists. Please keep it up.

  13. Great list! We have all of your good things up here in Ohio, but I will admit that honeysuckle is thicker and headier in the South and a dip in the pool is more heavenly than anything in the South (my dad used to live in Texas - spent all day in the pool). Unfortunately, se also have the humidity, too. Fab list!

    xo Erin

  14. as i kept reading, i was thinking, how did Char get inside my head?? :-)

  15. There's so many magical things about summer. I only wish it lasted longer here in NH. We've had a very warm/hot, muggy, humid, sticky summer here so I can kind of appreciate the grooming habits going out the window. As I like to say, 'humidity is not a girls best friend' ; )

    Luv your list.

  16. Mmmm I love the way crayons smell too! Hoping you pack yourself a pbj and grape soda for lunch one day this week :)

  17. bonnie heather: thanks! :)

    kim: come on! let's stamp together.

    widge: i feel a brand new box is in my purchasing future

    ELK: you're so right and yes...cake anytime!

    stevie: no problem.

    erin: i've heard you all have humidity too. isn't it just the biggest pain when it comes to hair?

    jillsy: :) ancient chinese secret

    new england life: i so agree - not our friend at all.

    mary jo: i so need to do that. wonder if i can find a grape nehi.

  18. Feeling childish myself today:) Love your lists Char!

  19. import dragonflies. the natural predator of the mosquito. here in ontario the ministry of natural resources drops tens of thousands of them all over the province, their only mission to eat and eat, and then eat some more.

  20. How fabulously creative you were with your photo and theme - love the tally marks on the side of the bowl!
    And I'm so sick of this heat & humidity that I refuse to go out. Unless for ice cream... or to watch it rain as it finally did yesterday.

  21. My brain is so mushy from the heat, I couldn't make a list if someone offered me a million dollars, much less three of them. Who cares if they're late...you got it done and with panache.

    My little Sassy (who isn't so little anymore) loves catching fireflies.

  22. Terrific list, Char. Really great.

  23. I needed a little thoughtful thinking today~ now you have given me something to gnaw on!

  24. well...i absolutely love this post! i totally know what you mean about the southern summers and would have answered exactly the same way. it has been SO, so hot these last few days...unbearable really.

  25. I am so jealous that you get to see fireflies. I have always wanted to see one. Many bloggers speak of them, but I am starting to realise that most of you live in warm locations. I think I might have to go someplace really hot in order to see them (and I get really really grumpy in the heat..we don't get along).

    I will see a firefly before I die.


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