July 2, 2010

it's Friday and I Love a List (late edition)

tonight while i was at the bookstore i found a book called listography:  my life in amazing lists.  so, with that inspiration, i will kick off with

some of my favorite books (in no particular order)
to kill a mockingbird, a tree grows in brooklyn, little women, the secret garden, where the heart is, she's come undone, in her shoes, rebecca....(and yes, i could go on and on)

favorite childhood games
jumprope, life, parcheesi, twister, pretend, tag, mother-may-i, hide and seek

and one from the book....if you could be friends with anyone, who would it be 
(i'm not picking friends i already have and family - they know i love them)
dorothea lange, henri cartier-bresson, mary magdeline, amelia earheart, maya angelou, henry david thoreau, ralph waldo emerson, emily dickenson, jackie kennedy, meryl streep, ina garten, nigella lawson, thomas jefferson, all of you that have helped me along through the years blogging, jimmy stewart, katherine hepburn, nelson mandela, diana (princess of wales), sister husband, josephine march, scout and atticus finch, alice, katherine parr, elizabeth i

one more list...just because everyone seems to like it....
today on my ipod (extended edition) - turpentine (brandi carlisle), hang (matchbox twenty), solitary man (covered by chris isaak), moon river (patty griffin), take it to the limit (the eagles), ain't no sunshine (bill withers), stuck in a moment (u2), crush (dave matthews band), here comes the sun (the beatles), give me one reason (tracy chapman)


  1. Oh this was fun Char, You know I noticed your quote of the day, week, month and it is fabulous.
    give me one reason by tracy chapman is one of my favorite songs. have a fabulous 4th of july weekend. take care.

  2. Ohhh I just love your lists. This was so interesting...love your ipod selections! Hope you have a wonderful 4th! xoxo

  3. Rebecca is one of my favorites, too. I have a 1938 edition, the cover is deep burgundy with a silver strip across it, featuring what looks like a pen and ink drawing of Manderly. Beautiful cover, and story.

  4. i just read a great book.....just breathe....off the clearance section at barnes....loved the simplicity and love story of it !

    my ipod is screaming its lungs out at the moment since our satellite dish isn't working to give me my usual adult contemporary station....

    have a great weekend sweetie....and WE WILL MEET....I KNOW WE WILL....and we'll be even better friends !

  5. i've read just breathe. i love all of her books, she's a good writer and a fairly easy read.

    yay for ipods!

    joanne - i bet that copy is gorgeous. one of my favorite opening lines ever "last night i dreamt of manderly"

  6. I adore listography, too. And, I am really, really loving your friends list.

  7. You know I love a list too and you have some great categories!
    Hope you are having a beautiful 4th and having lots of fun and good eats!

  8. I am in total agreement with much of your lists! Especially who I'd love to be friends with.

  9. Love these lists. I need to do one, or many!

  10. i love reading other peoples list, but i'm not good at them myself.
    Hope your 4th was filled with fun times.

  11. I love your lists and your choices.
    I watched On Golden Pond yesterday with Kathryn Hepburn and I think she was so amazing.
    You are gorgeous.

  12. Lists are like an autobiography, only they don't take as long to read. Love yours!

  13. Love your lists.
    Hey, Char, have you ever read The Moonflower Vine? It was written at the same time as Harper Lee's book. I just began it yesterday.

  14. I always think of my dad when I listen to Take it to the Limit. Enjoy your list making.

  15. Just reading your favorite book list I know we are kindred spirits....


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.