September 17, 2010

it's friday and i love a list

favorite singers:

1. lyle lovett - say what you will about his looks, the man can sing.  i heart him.
2.  patty griffin - i adore her
3.  bono - best voice, but his phrasing and tone tug at my heart.
4. angie aparo - not everyone's cup of tea...but the man can wail.
5.  etta james - 'nuff said.
6.  edwin mccain - so what that he hasn't wrote a decent song in a while.  his voice has power and conviction.  (though i was rather swoony about him at one time)
7.  rob thomas - not so much his later stuff....but if you listen to matchbox's early stuff - whoa.
8.  billy joe armstrong - though i tend to wonder about guys that wear more eyeliner than me...
9.  daris rucker - again, not the best voice in the business but, there is something about his voice that i love.
10.  shirley manson - yes...i miss her voice around the radio these days


  1. Love Lyle Lovett and so many more here.

    It's beautiful here in Maryland. Perfect. I hope your weekend is wonderful, Char.

  2. i'm so excited - i got tickets to see lyle in november and bob dylan in october. *squeal*

  3. I think I need to widen my horizons. Congrats on your tickets. have a fab weekend. take care.

  4. You are SUCH a great list maker!

  5. Lyle Lovett is fantastic! Love his sense of humour:) I did see him once at a live show and it was as good as expected... I have to admit I haven't a clue about more than half of those on your list though!

  6. I've had a crush on Lyle Lovett for what seems like forever. I never fall for conventionally handsome men, and any man who can sing like that . . . watch out! Oh, and I agree about Shirley Manson. I think my favorite female voices of all time are Nina Simone and Chrissie Hynde. Now you've got me pondering this. Great list, Char! xoxo

  7. Fantastic list. Combine Lyle and Bono and you've got the perfect man.

  8. GREAT list. I like, no scratch that. I love everything on this list. Good stuff!


  9. honestly i have never listened to any Lyle.. Rob Thomas.. I like and I love Darius!!! he can hold my hand anytime!
    I need inspiration so I'll check out some of the others... thanks for the list!!! :)

  10. How I love your lists Char...and your music! Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  11. funny...i was just listening to Bob Dylan this morning...congrats on the tickets! Awesome! I also *love* Lyle Lovett, too. Everyone seems to focus on his looks, but if they'd just stop and listen. his voice is wonderful. And, I heart Patty G, too! I love your list this week :)

  12. Lyle is great and though he isn't classically handsome, there's something about him that appeals to me. Maybe it's what Julia Roberts saw.

    Got to hear a girl butcher 'At Last' at the wedding I attended last month. Was wishing Etta could have been there instead.

  13. I love most of the voices you mentioned and now I'm excited to have some new ones to check out. Plus, I am thrilled that you'll be swapping along with us. Thanks for joining us.


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