September 29, 2010


oh my...such smiles.  my heart is so full of their love.  the little one randomly looks at me and says 'i like you'....  (cue the melting heart)  of course she also is the one that stood in the middle of the kitchen and poured out a can of sprite with the excuse 'i just do it'  *sigh*  the older one is a bit bossy and sassy but, those eyes can make you hear angels singing in their innocence. 

pictures like this make my uterus ache.  they do.  of course mopping the sprite, settling arguments over whose bear it is, and endless sessions of icarly are a decent cure for that.  (most days anyway)


  1. takes one can of spilled sprite to halt the uterus ache :)

    Gorgeous shots.

  2. I went to an author reading this week, where authors talked about and read from the book Sisters: An Anthology. It's filled with short stories and poetry by many different authors, each one about their sister relationship. Their stories definitely tugged at the heart, what a unique relationship sisters have.

  3. "i just do it".....oh my, how did you keep a straight face with that ?

    and that uterus ache ? i believe, truly believe, in the next few years, that will be satisfied and your photos will be of your own little one.


  4. so adorable - precious smiles like that can certainly melt the heart.

  5. oh my goodness....the smiles on those two. could light up the night sky! love, love, love them. xx s

  6. oh my goodness the smiles on those too - they could light up the night sky!! love, love, love them. xx s

  7. Kids say the best stuff. I have a friend and her 5 year old daughter got in trouble for kissing a boy at school. When my friend asked her what she was doing being close enough to the boy to be kissing him, her daughter sighed and said, "He smelled good." It was hands down my favorite kid response to a very serious question.

  8. Lord what adorable sweethearts!! LOVE the excuse- I just do....going to use that one sometime...hahaha..I love working with small children for exactly those kinds of comments which make me stop up and think...yeah....I just do too....hahahaha...

  9. These are two adorable girls!...and they are very lucky to have an adoring aunt. Often it seems unfair as to who gets to have children and who does not...

  10. what a shot!! absolutely perfect!

    i recently spent some time with my nieces and almost BAWLED when the three year old said, "I like you!!!!" so i know exactly how you felt! :)

  11. So cute! Just makes you want to hug them to pieces.

  12. Those aren't children, they're dollbabies...
    how precious they are.
    I have 10 grand-kids..they don't call em' grand for nothing...BUT
    My daughters all wanted more at times...
    Me: Ya hear that sound in the playroom?
    Them: Yeah, ain't they sweet...
    Me: Record it...and the next time you want another baby, PLAY IT...LOL
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and thinking of me...I don't guess I am really bi-polar, but sometimes I do have the symptoms..I think I'm just crazy.
    I really you.

  13. My uterus used to ache with Mandy's Cracky blogs. They still do, with the new wonder baby, but now it's more like tumbleweeds rolling through my uterine ghost town. *sigh* they do look like angels. And "I do it" coming from ME is excuse enough for me.

  14. oh the joys of being the the expression in both faces..and black and white too!!


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