November 16, 2009

gratitude:: day 15 of 30 (simple things)

today, christina at soul aperture asked us to post the simple things that we love. (if you haven't found christina's blog - run, don't walk, over there - she is goodness and warmth wrapped up in calm beauty)

here is my simple list that i love and that i'm grateful for:

sunlight on my skin
cool, crisp air
a child's smile
happy tears
a pug's devotion
a cat's purr
being best friends with my sister and brothers
a hot cup of coffee cupped in my hands
a reliable car
a phone call from a good friend
the scent of cookies baking
when my fried chicken turns out crispy and juicy
honey in my tea
a sweet red grapefruit
the crunch of an apple when i bite into it
finding unexpected money in my pocket
wispy clouds
the sound of my name on my nieces' and nephews' tongues
bear hugs
the feel of creamy soap as i wash my hands
letting my hair air dry
making someone's day!
'i love you'


  1. A "simply" lovely list. So many of these would be my favorites too. The first one got me, that undeniable comforting sensation of sunlight ... perfect.

  2. beautiful list! i think i might have to play along!

    love + luck + bliss,

  3. How can anyone not love a child's smile. melts my heart.

    sweet list.

    one love.

  4. Your list is wonderful and heartwarming! I have my list, my thoughts written down last week as they spurred from my mind, but I have not gotten to my post yet! Can't wait to put them together! Have a great day of smiles and happiness!
    Love the one about the creamy soap!

  5. Simple, ordinary things - yet the sometimes overlooked, most meaningful things, no? Beautiful list, dear. I hope this Monday treats you to a bunch of these..!


  6. yes mam, that creamy soap is the best feeling on the hands. so grateful.
    i love your picture. is that cross stitch, I have been teaching myself. yikes. lol
    ps: save me some chicken! ; )

  7. christina is so wonderful, isn't she ?
    and your simple list is beautiful !!

    I love that you added "my name on my niece's and nephew's tongues" and realized how much I love that too....

    just yesterday...aunt beth aunt beth....ahhhh, so sweet

  8. that's all good stuff! the little stuff is so often overlooked! and yet, it's the most important.

  9. I adore happy tears :)
    Love filled list!

  10. I love your list Char, I especially liked how you described Christina, she is a love isn't she!

  11. "happy tears"......

    I love happy tears.....


  12. Oh yeah! Happy tears, sunshine in my skin, making someone's day -- such blissful small, simple pleasures!!!

  13. your list is wonderful...and are you stitching something? have you been hiding the fact that you do this from me? ;-)

  14. A beautiful list..a cat's purr is on mine as well.

  15. There is nothing like a cat's purr...

  16. Wonderful list! (And air drying my hair is such a joy..I was happy to see that on your list!)

    What a nice blog!

  17. Oh yes, wispy clouds. Love to waste some time just watching them float away.

  18. A reliable car...yes! Beautiful list Char!

  19. sucha beautiful yet simple list...and as usual i love the pic that goes with it...
    hope all is well at your end...

  20. The simples ones are always the best! They show up when we need them, cost little or nothing. And make life oh, so special!

  21. such a nice list!

  22. Oh, are such a positive force in this blogosphere. I enjoyed reading your simple things and also hopped over to Christina's and enjoyed her's as well. Thank you so much!

  23. I love every single one of these.
    We have so much in common.

    Letting my hair air is so simple, but so liberating. Simple pleasures are the best.


  24. Beautiful list, especially the fried chicken!

  25. Yes, that crunch of an apple. I love that too. Gorgeous picture up top.

  26. What a perfectly wonderful list. We all know that it's the simple things that make life sweet. Many of yours on this list are also mine!

    (i love ruby reds, too)

  27. Oh how wonderful!

    And found money in your pocket (especially when you NEED it) is always one of life's treasures.

  28. what a lovely list it shows me you love your famil and friends. so special

  29. This is such a happy list of simple things!

  30. I love your list! And I also love finding unexpected money in my pocket. I always spend it on a small treat when I do!

  31. a very wonder filled air dries is my favorite...or maybe the apple..or the soap...ok I'm stopping now

  32. Lovely list! I'm having such fun reading everyone's!

  33. air drying the hair, for sure!!! xoxo

  34. Beautiful list. Can I come eat at your house? :)

  35. you know how to make fried chicken?! on my way. ;)

    i do love a good purr.

    i love everything on this list. most especially the sunlight, because i am missing it today.

  36. crispy fried chicken - yes!
    great list... but my eyes dazed over at the fried chicken because i am just so hungry right now

  37. Oh I love your list and got particular joy to see giggles on your list.

  38. I love your list and the picture of the embroidery is beautiful.I love to embroider. So many things on your list automatically made me stop and say Wow - I too am grateful for this. Thank you for the reminders.

  39. The whole list, yes! But especially the clouds and the i love yous. :)

  40. I don't know Christina...never visited, but I love this idea. Maybe I'll do it as well. Many of ours are the same...I'll have to think of more things. : )

  41. what a lovely post. I too love warm sun on my skin, nothing can be better especially when there is a slight chill in the air.

  42. talk about a whoops upside my head....

    finding the money..always good

    i love the bubbly creamy feel of hand soap....makes me close my eyes at times, lol

    the way my great nieces says my name...something so cute about 'aaante Yakky (aunt Jakki)'...tugs at my heart i tell ya.

    catt's purr with an added head butt...

    stay blessed lady...

  43. A totally delightful list. Unexpected money in my pocket and giggling touch me. I love the crunch of an apple when I bite into it.

    Thanks for sharing!

  44. ...a wonderful list of "simple", Char:)...and you describe Christina and her blog perfectly...

    ...and this reminds me that it is close to ruby red and pink grapefruit time! love them when they are juicy and tangy sweet!


  45. i see we both enjoy phone calls from old friends, great list glad i came down here to check it out and thanks for stopping in at my corner :)

  46. Fantastic list! A reliable car is so great and I love finding unexpected money in my pocket!

  47. Oh Char. Thank you. Today was a hard day, and you helped me see that the world doesn't have to seem so dark. It is full of beauty.
    And you..are just beautiful.


  48. I love your list! It's perfect, giggling is my favourite!

  49. oh,
    i am late getting here
    but wanted to say
    how much i loved your list.

    loved, loved, loved it.

    so full of sweet crispiness...

  50. Such a wonderful list of everday things that illustrates the way you embrace life and all it has to offer. I love all those things as well.

    I'm finally caught up with all your posts! And I love the new banner so much...very refreshing!


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