October 1, 2010

it's friday and i love a list

things i love about october

1.  it's cancer awareness month and the month is devoted to screenings and things that keep you healthier, longer - pay attention peeps and make sure you take care of business.  women - go get your ta-tas checked, perferably by a doctor but...you know.
2.  alabama football is in full swing and high schoolers are having homecoming.  i love all the homemade homecoming floats.  so cute.  do they still wear the mum corsages as big as their heads?  i loved those mum corsages.  i also love the high school marching band music (especially the drumline.)
3.  cooler temperatures begin to tickle our fancy - making me think that i need to pull the sweaters out of the basement to begin preparations of wearing them later in the month.  i start thinking of comfort food like apple pies, stews, and other warm treats.
4.  the fair begins next week and i'm going to cross something off my list this year *stomps foot*  i'm going to do some night photography there.  (and eat some cotton candy - just being honest there folks)
5.  the light is just prettier - lovely pink mornings and lucious golden afternoons that lead to purple dusks.
6.  halloween size bags of mini candy bars....need i say more about that?
7.  fallings leaves that rustle sweet sounds.  forget the waterfall sounds on the noise machine that just work to make me wanna go potty - if someone was able to get this sound down pat i would sleep like a baby all night long.
8.  gorgeous moon rises - especially full moons that are huge, colorful and hypnotizing.
9.  pumpkins, acorns, gum balls, and other bits of nature that are so beautiful to gather.
10.  naked trees with lacey branches.

today on my i-pod - long train running (the doobie brothers), hold on loosely (.38 special), sea breeze (tyrone wells), good riddance (green day), stand back (stevie nicks), go your own way (fleetwood mac), slide (the goo goo dolls), the loco-motion (grand funk railroad), fallin' and flyin' (jeff bridges)


  1. 1. I need to go... 3. Apple Pie--yes! 4. I haven't eaten cotton candy in too long. 10. Love your tree description. & .38 Special...oh my, too many memories.

  2. I love your list Char, all of it from the night shooting at the fair and cotton candy eating to making a great sound track for sleep...yes falling leaves would be nice! Hope you have a lovely weekend--can't believe how this week flew!


  3. Sounds wonderful all of it, in a few days all our leaves will be off the trees, I love the colors of fall, fall fairs are great too, enjoy, and I have to find those sweaters soon too. take care have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Char, you describe Autumn so well, it's like you live in New England! Enjoy the fair and all it has to offer. Looking forward to some night photography!

    Yes, I do believe my hubby will be pulling my sweaters out this week-end too.


  5. You're so right about the light being prettier...it really is. I'm so happy it's fall.

  6. Stand back...now that's a song! I love your list...especially the color of the sky *sigh*. Have a beautiful weekend my dear. xoxo

  7. things are all FALLING into place! sorry for the lame pun! fall is fab! i just wish it would arrive on the west coast sooner or later. lol

    hope you have a fab weekend!

  8. Your list makes me happy. So many wonderful observations. I love seeing the pumpkins popping up everywhere!

  9. love your list and i can't wait to see your night photography !!!

  10. LOVE this list. oh yes a sound track of walking in crisp fall leaves that would be great.
    have a great weekend. i'll look forward to your fair photos.

  11. The night photography at the fair would be amazing, with all the colors, and rides, and twinkling lights set against the evening sky. Have fun :)

  12. It all sounds wonderful...thank you for bringing attention to cancer awareness...
    and I hope you don't ever change that header.
    It's absolutely soft as fall breezes and I love it...
    enjoy your weekend..

  13. I am a list-maker, too, but have never embraced it for blogging. I think I need to experiment with my format and will try listing in the near future. Fall is definitely on my personal list of favorites, as is bite-sized halloween treats. And breast-cancer awareness? ABSOLUTELY! Have a lovely weekend.

  14. I think fall is great for photography! Looking forward to seeing what you see this season...

  15. Beautiful list...feels like a "comfort" list! A warm fuzzy, snuggly list! I'm sitting her in the cool of the morning with my shorty PJ's and shin-high winter bootie slippers! haha what a sight!

  16. grand funk railroad . . . one of the first albums I ever bought.

  17. Beautiful list Char! I can't wait to see the night photos you take at the fair. I slept with a couple of windows open last night and it is downright cold in my house this morning. I need to borrow one of your sweaters stat!

  18. 1. What pisses me off (excuse the language but I can't find a more appropriate word) is that there is no real screening tool for lung cancer...even if you beg your dr for a chest xray to rule out lung CA the dr will talk you out of it...Lung Cancer is the number one cancer killer folks...for non-smokers and ex-smokers as well as smokers...end of vent...

    2. Go Patriots...RI is not big on High School or college football...

    3. Still too hot here...

    4. Can't wait to see your pics!

  19. You know I used to think naked trees were borish ... ugly even. But then last year everything changed ... now I'm enamoured!

    Funny how things change ...


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