August 11, 2008


this weekend I went shooting - a lot of shooting. then naps from getting up early and some old fashioned wandering. I saw a watermelon colored sunrise over a misty lake - I would not have been shocked if a southern lady of the lake offered up a battered and weathered sword. the herons dotted the horizons and the quiet spoke to my heart.

of course by saturday evening I was ready for a nap old fart that I am these days.

sunday was a very different day. the usual class outing with lots of folks that I don't know that well. we went to the train museum where I've gone before - I challenged myself to try shots that I didn't try last time...and to use my tripod. the instructor swears the next jump in improvement is using the tripod. it was a hazy afternoon. the light was flat without much contrast or interest. the place looked shopworn and abandoned as onlookers drove by slowly staring at we weirdos with our cameras. we clustered up in antlike lines - snaking our way through the place. if one shot the shot, then everyone else would follow - I found myself drawing away and going to opposite sides. the rusts and flaking paint abstract into shapes and shadows and the hulking masses of metals dissolve away into colors, streaks and curves. occasionally, little pieces of beauty would pop up with wild colors and delicate petals. where saturday morning was a beatles tune, sunday was the hard core rockabilly and cornpone memories of days past and abandoned hurts.

today - i'm firmly back in my world of numbers with no hope of abstractions and colors. ltv and dsc have no color except the red and greens of economics. decisions are rational and the light at the end of the tunnel could be the one that ends it all. the aftermass, I couldn't trade a is all pieces of a larger whole.


  1. I haven't made the tripod jump yet either. Eventually. I just bought Photoshop though and I'm still using Picasa because it's easier for me right now. How crazy is that?

    The lake pictures were awesome!

  2. the tripod really slows you down and makes you think about all the settings that you have made and what you should do different. it's more discipline because I have to force myself to carry it., a good one is expensive. *gulp*


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