August 9, 2008

morning has broken

the things that photography will drive you to do. this morning, I got up at 5:00 a.m. to try and capture the lake at sunrise. well, first thing you need to know - exactly where is the lake? okay, so I found it. and it was beautiful really - the mist rising, the sky bushing in antipation of her beau and herons winging low, low, low over the water. as I parked, two guys came along to fish and we trudged down to the water together very quietly. I set up my tripod and they began to fish. the morning quiet was dotted with the plops of their casts and the occasionally bird calls. I was alone with my thoughts. and..I had none. It was a beautiful thing.

the water was adorned with water plants and as the sun slowly peeked over the horizon, diamonds grew in the water. finally....the sun hit the top of the trees - stunning. I haven't downloaded the shots yet...I'm enjoying just thinking about the beauty.

as I left, one of the fishermen came back up top to enjoy my view and a bicycler stopped by. we stood for a moment just looking and then parted.

I drove home by the way of the I need my coffee....a good day indeed.

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  1. Good morning Char! And I envy the morning you've had . . . no reason I couldn't have had the same sort of morning, though, as there are many "photo ops" in my notebook waiting for my time and attention . . . it's just that the luxury of lazing in bed on a Saturday morning when there's a cool breeze coming in the window is too good to pass up.

    I'm up now, though, browsing through the week's blogs over a big cup of strong coffee . . . work has me in early and staying late these days, so time for playing online is rare until Saturday. Your Tuesday post "A Work in Progress" is me these days too. I'm seriously considering a second tattoo . . . "God grant me the Serenity" . . . just to keep me focused on the letting go and the accepting and the being gentle with myself . . . all hard concepts for a control freak such as myself. I keep focused on this bit of wisdom . . . whether it's love or life or the task at hand, it just doesn't have to be so hard.

    Shall we see pics from sunrise on the lake soon? Hope the rest of your day shines!



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