August 20, 2008

happy jazz

Thing that are so cool within the last seven days, I had to share:

1. My haircut - short, nay - very short. It's the first time the nape of my neck has felt sunshine in a very long time.
2. Baby Bites - no, not the slobbery kind but a bakery here does the insane version of a petit four with is basically two bites of the most lucious, moist cake covered with a matching icing. My favorite - caramel. It's sin cake-i-fied.
3. I'm half-way through my certificiate program for photography. woot and....the prof actually liked a shot last night. He's been pretty hard to please.
4. Speaking of photography - one of my shots (see yesterday's blog) made it to #14 overall on Flickr last Friday. I didn't know until someone told me. But it made me feel rather dork-like.
5. Work is smooth this week - lately it's been one gigantic pain in the ass, so a smooth week makes me feel accomplished.
6. Just being happy today....that's always cool.

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