August 8, 2008

to infinity and beyond


if you turn it sideways, it's infinity times three...that's a long time and we have four more of these before it will be another century of single numbered dates. forever is mentioned a lot of times in love...and out of love. too often the quote that springs to mind is, 'you told me you'd love me until you died -- but you're still alive.'

thus is the nature of promises....sometimes easy to make and difficult to keep. part of the whole reason I don't make promises if I can avoid it. I really dislike them...with the intensity of a burning blue flame. so, I try. I try really hard. sometimes I fail...we all do.

I didn't sit down to be all down and harshing on relationships. I admire people that make them work...I do. In fact, I'm sort of jealous of how easy you all make them look. *sigh* life is never just easy is it?

I've been so busy lately and now I'm writing this as I need to get started on something I have no clue how to do. I'm making it a monster because I don't like doing what I don't know how to do and if I dived in it would probably get better. *kicks at desk* stupid desk. stupid work. stupid stapler.....and stupid files.

sounds like a case of a girl that needs to take the same advice she dispensed this week and get started before she worries about absolutely nothing. stupid girl.

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  1. Not stupid at all myfriend. Sometimes it really is that overwhelming that finding even the smallest piece we can, or want, to deal with, can be too difficult.

    Give yourself a break and let it all wash over you. Normality will be returned, and probably when you're least expecting it.


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