August 24, 2008

regained power

weird how things work out....last night before going to bed, I told the cat not to wake me up at 4:30 wanting food. my power went out at exactly 4:26 and the cat was nowhere to be found. he was hiding out from the 30+ mph winds and monsoon gushing down from the August heavens and the leavings of Fay. I tossed and turned until 9:30 when I finally awoke completely after several 30ish minute naps. I went to work and thankfully the power was on there.

finally, power returned around noonish and I was cool again. funny how we can miss things so very easily.

yesterday was a lark - full of photography doings and then going to see Tropic Thunder with some friends. the movie was better than I expected and full of bathroom humor as one might expect with the cast. I didn't realize Tom Cruise was in it or I might have missed it (I have a ban for Tom going). he was wonderfully vulgar actually - as arrogant as I would expect him to be - maybe it was the part written for him.

I got nothing accomplished that I wanted done today....there is always tomorrow. keep your fingers crossed I can take off Friday for a four day weekend.

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  1. I want a 4 day weekend, heck, I'd settle for A weekend off today. We spent our entire kid free weekend, on... stuff for the kids. Mainly a big assed sand box.
    Glad that TD Fey only mildly impacted you and your cat.
    What are your big plans for this 4 day adventure?


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