August 5, 2008

a work in progress

lately I've practiced diligently letting things go. it's very difficult for an intense, overpleasing personality to just let something go...especially when I've been raised to be in control at all times. but....control comes often at very great costs. costs to self-esteem, costs to sanity...great costs...even costs to relationships.

I've practiced knowing what I can change....and what I cannot. I've found there are a great number of things that I cannot change....even within myself. some of those things are good -- a good number are those are not as good. like my wee bit of obsession and repeating gas prices over and over again. not so good. correcting someone - yeah, not always so great. and there are others that I'm sure my friends will tell you. I'm working on those...and probably will continue to work on those for the rest of my life.


  1. Letting things go can be a very good thing. Of course, I've taken that far overboard and need to learn how to pick some things back up.

  2. I've let things go and it's causing me more stress because deadlines are slipping and I'm trying to live in it.

    Like Megan, I need to know which ones to let go and which one's to hold onto.


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