August 22, 2008

fair warning

I do not know what is about me...but I seem to attract drama llamas lately. Is it my calm exterior and determination not to be involved in toxic situations? It is a test? What? I'm tolerant until someone pushes me past my limits and then...all bets are off and I'm over it.

So...fair warning llama, you're about to be gone. Calm down and deep breaths. Make it work.


  1. HATE the drama llama. (ding-dong!)

  2. Drama Llama made me giggle. Drama Llama Ding Dong made roll my eyes. Oh, that silly Vili5.

    Hope your drama goes away soon!

  3. Drama Sucks!

    Drama is a life sucking force. We should be able to collect a toll from whom ever forces us to endure their overzealous exaggerated Ka Ka.


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