May 30, 2009

the benefits of waking early

to market

yesterday after getting lost going to the lake...i found sunflowers, stock and some old bottles at a new flea market. this morning i got up early for the farmer's market where i found peaches, blackberries, peas, butter beans, okra and fried pies. oh man - it's been so long since i've had a fried pie from the farmer's market. (nevermind the label saying 'not inspected by the health department - homebaked goods') it was ever so yummy with my morning coffee. you know you wanted a bite.

peas are already cooked. cornbread muffins (previously cooked) are the in the freezer. in about an hour i'll cut up the okra to fry - there will be sliced tomato if you want. i thought about meatloaf too but the veggies may be enough if include sliced peaches and blackberries for dessert. seems like i recall a cobbler recipe somewhere.

next...i need to tackle the yard.


  1. Oh, those early summer mornings! So much good food, if you're not careful you get carried away and buy way more than you can eat in a week. But it's all so tempting! Enjoy every bite.


  2. This sounds like last Saturday for me. I had to go into work for a couple of hours. On the way home I dropped by my favorite little plant and vegetable market. I picked up some peas, new potatoes and tomatoes. I made some cornbread and chicken gravy to go with it as well. It made a yummy southern style summer meal. You can tell we are both from AL.

  3. Sounds like an easygoing morning. We browsed a few tag sales this morning, and picked up an old album (we're collecting them to frame as artwork), and a Currier & Ives sugar and creamer set. I like easy days like that.

  4. You sound like you have so much energy. I had all these plans today and my first chore ended up taking much longer than anticipated.

    Pies that are fried?! Oh, my.

    Your photographs here are fantastic. As always, actually. Hope you get much more accomplished. Maybe this post will inspire me to get moving.

  5. Nice! Enjoy baking much fun :)

  6. I love those pictures together. So pretty! Glad you had such a good time at the farmer's market.

  7. That mosiac of photos is lovely,..especially the largest one on the right. Re: the fried pie,.. I wouldn't worry either, anything that good has to be safe! I think a lot of times there is too much worry about things like that. Yummmy!

  8. oh, every time you post about cooking and food, i feel like droppin' by your place! yum!

  9. early mornings are one of my favorite times~you put together four happy images that just salute this time of day ~

  10. oh yes fried okra, slices of tomato ,cornbread and cobbler - no need for meatloaf for me.
    don't you just get a sort of high at the farmer's market? love these photos today.

  11. it all sounds so fabulous! and i have been making berry cobblers a little too often. YUM!

  12. Mmm. . . fried okra and
    cornbread! Cobbler. . .
    Tackling the yard, sounds
    like something I need to
    do . . . badly!

  13. Fried pies! Don't often see those here in Wales!

  14. No Tomatoes for me please.
    Pictures are great as always.


  15. Oooh lovely, great description of the markets - I almost felt like I was there too! The markets in our city are on next weekend, and I'm definitely going now!

    Also, what can you make with okra? I always wonder... mmm fried pie sounds delish.

  16. Farmers markets are awesome! Fried pies must be unique to the south...I saw a few in Oklahoma when I lived there but none on the northern east coast or here in Ohio. Sounds pretty good! And your collage is enviable. : )

  17. cathy:: you are so right - i always want to buy more.

    stevie:: gotta love those creamers. i need to bake some today.

    joanne:: man, the flea market i love has tons of albums. be sure to show us the currier and ives.

    cg:: you always do so much - i look forward to reading about your day as i'm catching up today.

    caroline:: lunch was so yummy!

    gsg:: thanks!

    cedar:: the pie was soooo good.

    cassaundra:: you're always welcome around here.

    elk:: i wish i was more of an early morning person. the thing is that i love it when i get up and get moving that early but i get lazy.

    l:: i do get a contact high from the market. something about it.

    dg:: i always think about dolly parton's cobbler recipe when i make cobbler. a cup of milk, a cup of flour, a cup of sugar and a stick of melted butter. mix together and pour over fruit.

    kat:: yeah, i do too (still). like scarlett said, tomorrow is another day. :)

    maz:: wales - i would love to see wales. you all do more of the savory pies there, right?

    lori:: yeah - no tomatoes for me either, but in the south you have to have them to offer. well, unless they are green - then i like the sliced and fried.

    annabelle:: well, okra goes in gumbo, which is yummy. some people like it boiled (yuck) or mixed with corn and tomatoes.

    starlene:: fried pies are delish - you should try them.

  18. I love the very early morning, when you feel as though you have the whole world to yourself, and the day is spread before you with infinite possibility...

    I'm anxiously awaiting the opening of our farmer's markets -- it's a little early for any harvest here except cool-weather crops...

    Love the mosaic! :)

  19. almost every dinner here in the summer looks like this too. lately we've been on the snap bean/new potato and squash kick. still waiting for our peas and okra to catch up :) the tomatoes are coming in now and they are soooo good! with all these veggies, who needs meat? ;)

  20. So, its true huh? Early bird catches the worm? Mmmmmmmmmmmm cobbler...

  21. I'm comin' over. Ya'll hang on a minute, I'll be right there. Seriously, this was a big ol' flashback to home. Wish I were with you.

    Wish I cooked like you.

    Wish I took pictures like you.

    Oh, yeah. I'm feeling enamoured today.

  22. When I heard you were going to the farmer's market, I knew there'd be some lovely photos to follow. I found out ours is every Wednesday night, but there are others in the area. I think I'll take my camera, after seeing your inspiring pix :)

  23. I am not at my best early morning, mostly I stay in my bed longer, but I do enjoy a Farmers market.
    As I have never heard of fried pies I wonder what they would be like? Not baked in the oven, really fried like in oil? Very fattening I guess.
    The rest of your meal sounds wonderful!

  24. beautiful, char.

    farmer's market is one of my favorite things in the world. there is just such a wonderful feel in the air when i walk down to the local farmer's market—no matter where i have ever lived—it's always the same.


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