May 3, 2009

a weekend

boy, i take one day off from reading blogs and looking at pretty pictures and you all go crazy insane. it has taken almost all day to catch up...good thing i decided to be fairly lazy today. it's been a good weekend - mostly quiet though my sister ran me ragged yesterday. we did a bit of this...


and that...

(my sister is the property manager)

and then after those, we did a bit of this...

and I got that

in lemondrop, not sour apple.

we went here and there (her store, not my taste really)

we went out and about....and all around.

after...we went to see wolverine. though it's not the best movie was exactly what i expected it to be (it is based on a comic book after all). everyone was happy.

today it was sunny

then it was rainy

it was hot (well, warm) because the air conditioner broke...but now it's cool again. life is ups and downs...hope your downs lead to soft landings and your ups are as fun and as exciting as happiest moment.


  1. Beautiful, love the green bag. oooh la la!

  2. beautiful photos Char, love Spanish Moss. Glad to hear of all your fun times.

  3. I liked this fun and sunny post. Wishing I had a sister nearby. Maybe I would have ventured out with her. She'd have made me go out despite my comically-large bandaged finger.
    Love the purse. And I can never find anything I love in Chico's. Target is another story, though!

  4. i love your new bag!!!!! and a day of running oneself ragged is kind of good -- you should sleep well AND have a sense of accomplishment. yay!

  5. whoooeee.... love that green bag!

  6. I like the b/w of the steps. Very nice :) Great tones and composition. btw is that marble?

    Maybe a slight vignette to bring the viewer's attention more towards the centre would put a final polish on it?


  7. I love your little bits of this and that AND you new bag !!

    and then a little nakedness from hugh jackman....sounds like a great day to me !!!

  8. ohh i want to live there – Hampstead looks fabulous, a community sort of like Serenbe south of Atlanta.
    LOVE that bag!
    sounds like a really fun and busy weekend.

  9. Love Spanish Moss!!!! Looks like nature's birthday cake.

  10. Great photos. Love the stairs. Oh I want to see the Hugh Jackman movie, I mean the Wolverine movie...hmmm.

  11. sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

  12. What a perfect day, a little of this and that. Love doing things like that, they're just so easy, so fun. And love that bag, too! Great choice.

  13. Your photos tell such a wonderful story! I so enjoyed that. And those trees!!! Amazing!

  14. That picture of the spanish moss... Wow, that takes my breath away! I wish we had interesting trees like that here!

  15. hi girl! i missed you! can't wait to peruse your blog and see what i've been missing.

    first thing that popped out at me in this post is that your sister is a property manager!! so is my sister—my twin sister! crazy weird. sometimes WE seem like twins. :)

    talk to you soon!

  16. Wow! Looks like a great weekend. I love how you chronicle it in photos. So fun to look at. Sorry about the a/c!

  17. The first one deserves to be on top :-)
    I love it! Must be exciting to have a photowall just like that! The second picture also. I love the high contrast of this chiaroscuro.

    great pictures, char. as always.

    and before I forget, am so glad you now have 105 followers...that means your site's getting quite popular. keep it up..

  18. Awesome weekend! I love the bag you got...

    and that picture of the flowers in the blue glass... gorgeous!

  19. Love the pics and LOVE that bag!

  20. Love that spanish moss, and the cool, spooky photo of the trees in the rain. At first I thought that bag was a Fossil. I almost bought one very similar to that in a pretty coral red... maybe I'll ask for it for Mother's Day. :)

    Did you guys get some wicked rain storms in AL over the weekend? I thought I saw some tornado warnings up...

  21. Love the spanish moss; reminds me of the swamps in Louisiana.

  22. Geez! I commented on this yesterday, but the computer obviously ate it. I am sure it was articulate and happy and slightly funny. Yes, I'm sure of it. Today, not so much. Here's what I've got: Fabulous post! Not funny or witty, I know. But, I do mean it.

  23. i can tell your weekend was cool and lots of fun...sisters together on the town!

  24. Beautiful! I know, though. I take off a few days to throw a party and I'm waaaaay behind on blogging. I feel so bad, like people think I won't take the time to read their blogs. I always try to stop by yours though :)


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