May 7, 2009

now, about those storms

whew...that storm that blew in yesterday was a wild one and we had over six inches of rain dumped on the city in two hours. this translated to flashflooding throughout the city, including flooding the city lot where most of the police cars are kept until the next shift. not good. an immense chinese firedrill will occur until more cars are purchased so they can keep bad guys off the street. cars were swept away, mud covered the streets and two possible sink holes opened. boy am i glad that i live in a house on the hill.

yesterday, i traveled down seven bridges road (you know the eagles song, right?). it indeed has seven bridges (more actually) and is home to some beautiful rural countryside. along the way i found...

beautiful horses

stormy sky

pretty flowers
brown eyed susans

great buildings

and .... gorgeous trees
approaching storm

spanish moss

there was so much more - old churches, graveyards, cows, more wildflowers. i could have spend an entire afternoon but the skies opened up and poured rain. i will definitely travel this road again.

did you dry out any today? how's the week going? tomorrow i'm so excited. i get to sit with the nieces for three days while mommy and daddy take a sea cruise. i will definitely be stealing tons of sugar.


  1. Hi Char, it must have been some rain. Have fun with your nieces, it will be fun,,,Mine are coming the may longweed which is the 24th. I can hardly wait. take care, stay dry. Take lots of pics.

  2. sounds like an intense storm!
    we've had tons of rain here - it just won't quit!
    and you won't believe it .. the rest of the week calls for rain, too.

    this is crazy.

    gorgeous pictures you have here ... i'm a fan of the countryside.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Where is this road?

    3 days with Aunt Char!!! FUN for all!

  4. what a gorgeous horse!

  5. ...and such wonderfully dark storm clouds!! i am so envious!!! :)

  6. MORE GREAT photos!!! That horse is sooooo beautiful!

  7. The processing on that barn!!! Sublime. All your photos are amazing!

  8. I love those tiny yellow flowersss... Have fun aunty Char! ~XO*

  9. Oh my, I am left speechlees again. The view is SO beautiful. And I guess your skill added the beauty thereof :-)

  10. wow, the appaloosa is SO gorgeous against the stormy sky and in that field of yellow flowers! just stunning!!

  11. Oh, now I get the emus and gopherwood reference! :D Sorry, I was a bit slow.

  12. you know I'm always traveling down some road shooting something :)

    and your down the road photos...fabulous !!!

    and wow...are those kids going to be spoiled rotten having 3 days with just you...

    lucky you...lucky them !!!

  13. From one hill to another,... those are nice shots! My favorite is the two horses with that great blue sky behind them.

  14. Love that song, and LOVE those photos! Looks like time well spent. :)

  15. your pictures are just like the ones I see printed on photography books...maybe it's time you publish a book of your own. Seriously. Looking at these recent posts prove that they're works of art and that they should be published...and not just on your blogs.

  16. Looks like a beautiful drive. : )

    I've recently been made aware of a new kind of weather threat - deracher. Hopefully it doesn't return.

  17. absolutely beautiful images, Char! they make me just stop and pull me in! stunning!

    i'd like to feature the last on "...shhhh" if that's okay.

  18. oh char, these are GORGEOUS!

  19. These are just gorgeous shots! Love them all!

  20. The photos you captured
    on this road trip Char are
    truly beautiful. Makes me
    wanna take a drive back
    down to Alabama!

  21. looking at the bottom photograph... i can feel the breeze. the light is fabulous!


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