May 14, 2009

french lemonade does not a day make but it doesn't hurt

today i bought a bottle of french lemonade just to get the bottle. i think i'm developing a problem with this glass addiction. but, my brother is such a sweetie he never says much about the piles of doo-dads in my studio/den. he even tolerates the flowers on the kitchen window sill.

the lemonade was good really, a bit tart - just the way i like it. why is it i can remember to buy fresh flowers and good things to cook but i can't remember to buy a new iron? we've needed a new iron for a month or so now but each time i go out, i forget when other shiny new things take my attention (of course there is that whole thing where i hate to iron, but that's not important). it's also like the check i forgot to deposit for ten days or the unemployment i forgot to file last week. *sigh* that was bad.

how is it that i remember silly things like rose kennedy was behind the beautify our highways but can't remember to buy new irons or deposit money? it's like just now i remember the dogs have been outside for 30 minutes - they're probably ready to come in.

and....why is it that i start to feel better with stupid coughs and congestion and then it slams right back? i was never this coughy when i had health insurance. and it's not an infection or anything - it's just allergies and it's spring. so, antihistamines rock.

i did buy this cool air conditioner for my lap top today and i'm loving how it works. no more melted milky ways for me. why didn't think of this before? idiot. if you use a laptop and didn't know about these things...go get one. no more burned legs.

i'm writing this as i watch the season finale of gray's antomy - trying to decide if i can deal with izzie dying or not. it's always a test when someone has cancer on these shows and dies, especially a lingering death. so far i'm holding up. did you know that karev (izzie's husband) was the italian guy in the wedding planner? he makes a better ass on gray's than italian character even though i read somewhere he's really a sweetie totally in love with his wife. maybe i should have watched the fashion show instead. of course bravo thinks the fashion show will distract us from the fact that project runway is moving to lifetime. sorry - sorry bitchy new yorker with crazy hair cannot fill the hole in my heart that formed when tim gunn is not around. and kelly rowland is no heidi. *phffft* (as i typed that sentence i heard bailey crying...not a good sign right?)

oh, i did take some shots today but since i'm totally obsessing on what to enter into a contest on flickr, i can't decide what to show you. so....i'll show you what i did yesterday. of course when i look at these all i can think of is vodka and cranberry juice - which reminds me, i need a drink. don't you?


limes2 - Copy


  1. i love the 2nd lime shot! it makes me think of margaritas and corona and escaping into a nice time.

  2. OMG....not only izzie, but omaley, too !!!
    grey's anatomy will never the same !!!

    and karev is mossimo ???
    I don't think I knew that...too funny !!!

    can you tell me what contest on flickr ??

    and yes....I immediately went to "a drink" after looking at the limes !!!

  3. this post! I just felt like I was listening to an old friend on the phone. Seriously. I still have bills staring at me that need to be paid, but somehow watching Lady Gaga (poker face) on Youtube for the 400th time is more important! Why is that???

    Love the photos! I want to put those limes into a glass of French bubbly pink lemonade (I would keep the cute bottle too).

  4. well, the thing with grays you never know - I think george is really dead but will izzie get off the elevator? i think she will live on...even though they had her dressed in her prom dress from denny's death.

  5. wow! love those limes!! especially like the first one with the little pulp-ettes peeking out from some of the lower cuts...

    and, i cannot tell you how many drinks i've bought just to get the bottle! i used to have a whole collection of blue bottles--the SKY vodka bottle was the best!

  6. Those pics were so lifelike, that my mouth puckered!

    Don't watch either show, so can't comment on that. Now if you were into House Hunters or Property Virgins on HGTV, then we'd be talkin'!

    But, I do loves me some tart lemonade, and even better a sea breeze!

  7. Char, the limes make me want to drink a marguerita...but it is 430 am...maybe later! As for ironing I bought a little steamer works wonders and easier than ironing. Take care.

  8. George too? And Izzie? I taped the show last night, was unable to watch. Now you've really got me wondering.

  9. oops - spoiler alert too late.

  10. Love the shot of the sliced limes!

  11. Mmmmm, yes, a Bloody Mary sounds good right about now (never mind that it's only 10:14 a.m.).

  12. Oh yeah—I buy stuff just for the packaging all the time, especially bottles. So I totally get ya there :)

  13. How nature can take something tart and make it look like a heavenly sweet pearl amazes me. And so do your photos.

  14. That top photo of the limes is yummy. Just looking at it fills me with imaginary vitamin C.

    All you need is a cool glass of Pellegrino to go with those limes and you'll feel better.

    Isn't it true though about not having insurance. I'm still waiting for Cobra and I probably won't be able to afford it, but I've held off going to the doctor's twice already.

    Feel better soon!

  15. Yummy lime shots. I'm thirsty now...

  16. Yummy lime shots. I'm thirsty now...

  17. the limes are so much fun to really have made something simple so beautiful...
    are we confessing about our bottle issues? this sounds strange but looks cool...i have wine bottles turned upside down all over my garden..i will
    include them in a photo some time!

  18. I LOVE the first lime shot!

    And I had no idea he played the italian guy but now I see it. I like him so much better on Gray's. Didn't watch last night. It's not a regular for me. I like to wait until it begins the repeats and then watch fresh.
    I'm weird.
    I can totally relate to purchasing a drink because of the bottle. I have many of them, especially some lovely blue ones.
    I have an excellent recipe for homemade lemonade if you want. It's tart and french, if that's what you want to call it!

  19. I believe it was Lady Bird Johnson that was the instigator of the "beautify our highways"

  20. LOVE the lime shots! I can never remember anything either, but I just thought it was CRS (Can't Remember Shit).

    Actually, wasn't it Ladybird Johnson with the highway beautifying thing?


  21. i remember reading something about problems-that they do not fall in line when they come...they (problems and their cousins) come in batches...

  22. loving limes. you captured them wonderfully.

  23. Well, anonyomous beat me to it, but I don't know why he/she stayed anonymous. It was Lady Bird who was behind the highway thing. As a fellow Texan, I am sure she would want the credit. LOL!

    And PS - That first lime image is to die for. My taste buds are just quivering with delight!

    :) Debi

  24. Me, too. The first lime shot is amazing. Makes my mouth all puckery - just dying for a perfect slice of key lime pie.


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