May 15, 2009

don't cha just......

for those that love the little lists...emily over at cupcakes and cashmere did an alternative list to the things that make her happy - - it's the things that make her mad. it reminds me of my friend kurt's blog about his weekly nemesis (i'll link him back in a bit when i can scroll through and find one).

without futher ado...ten little things that tick me off
:: kicking my seat in the theater as well as texting and/or talking during the movie. i paid my ten dollars too. if you want to be rude - wait for the rental. really.
:: leaving your shopping cart in the middle of the aisle while you decide between campbell's and progresso. or....just stopping in the middle the aisle to chat up your fellow clone. makes me want to go all bumper cars with them.
:: people that insist on pulling out in front of you and then driving ten miles below the speed limit. time for my imaginary ram like viking longboats.
:: sales people who never acknowledge you while they ring you up.
:: texting or talking on the phone during dinner. you're here with me - if you wanted to be with someone else - go be with them. though, exceptions include talking to the babysitter or an emergency.
:: using the last paper towel or piece of toilet paper without replacing the roll. it doesn't happen at home but at work it happened all the time.
:: random guys feeling the need to check to see if "the little guy" is still there during a conversation. i don't even think they notice they're doing it....i don't feel the need to touch my crotch, control yours. unless we're dating of course.
:: letting your dog poo in my yard without getting rid of it. that's disgusting.
:: not filling out your deposit slip before you get into the drive-through line at the bank.
:: tossing litter on the ground or out the car window.

what are some of yours?


  1. I'm with you on the tp and paper towels at work! sheez.

    You sound as impatient as I am ;)

  2. LOL I am....sounds like I could use a bit more of that patience stuff.

  3. how about pulling out in front of you (when there is no one for a mile behind you) and then turning in a block, how rude.

  4. ohhh how our lists match up with each other !!!

    do you remember when I wrote about the woman in front of me at the grocery store who waited until every last thing was rung up and bagged and THEN she pulls out her check book and fills out her check from top to bottom...oh, that one burns me !!!

    and no...I never check my crotch either, but I think it has to do with my brain being 100% in my head and not moving temporarily to other parts of my body !!!

  5. I think we're on the same wavelength, your list would pretty much match mine. All kinds of driving rudeness irritates me, including tailgating, and if I choose to speed up, which I pretty much won't for them, no matter how fast I go, the tailgater is still there.

  6. I've noticed that people behave out on the roads EXACTLY how they behave in the stores. I didn't realize it until recently, but it's interesting. Go to the store and observe the slow carts in the middle of the aisles, the cutting off, the blocking of pathways, rude looks, etc.

    Anyhow, I also hate how I buy something and the cashier doesn't even acknowledge me or say thank you half the time. I want to throw the stuff down and just leave. Can't I even get a "thank you" in return for MY thank you?


  7. i'm with you on ALL of these. how about at a gallery opening when people stand in front of a painting talking amongst themselves, not even looking at the art work but blocking the view for others.
    And I hate it when I stand at a service desk and the employee "acts" like their busy but does not even acknowledge that your there waiting, and have been for several minutes. Can't they atleast say, I'll be with you in just a moment?" hello??
    oh wow i could go on and on. hahaha

  8. too funny! i think many of those things are universal, or at least i share them with you. must feel good to vent pet peeves! i gotta try that some time. :)

    see, that's what i like about you. honest, real writing!

  9. Why is it every work place is like that with the tp and the paper towels? In a former job the office manager put "instructions" on how to do it on the wall in the bathrooms. Written with humor of course, but she got her point across! Love your list.

  10. ...Just caught up on two weeks worth of your posts!..can't believe I was that far behind but I have to tell you it was a very enjoyable hour catching up! Lots of great photography too...

    I hate having to listen to other people's radios...especially at the beach...since the advent of ipods this seems to have improved but it always amazes me that some people think we all enjoy the same kind of music...I also hate overly loud restaurants...maybe my ears are just sensitive:)

  11. With you on all of those! Thankfully I live in LA and people take movie watching seriously! In Chicago, people would chit chat, talk on the made me nuts!!!

    My big pet peeve...when you are at a stop light and it just turns green and the a-hole behind you still honks at you...what the *f*...I am going dude, chill!!

  12. I don't own a cell phone and never will for most of these reasons. I'm archaic, I know. Love this list & also wanted to drop you a quick line and say thank-you for the comment you left for me today. I appreciate your sincerity & your willingness to comment on that which isn't pleasant. Fun. Or even happy. Enjoy your weekend and may every toilet paper roll be a' plenty. :)

  13. it would have to be cell phone use in the bookstore. i freaking hate that. not saying excuse me, bless you or even a thank you. i could really go on and on but it's almost quittin' time. happy weekend!

  14. All of yours, and yelling for no reason other than you have cancer. I mean, I'm not a punching bag for your words. They freaking hurt!

    And now I have said too much.

  15. mostly like what you have listed plus people who talk too loud and too much...

  16. Oh yes, I'm with you on all of those things. How about the cashier at the supermarket who stands there and waits for you to bag your own stuff? My husband refuses to bag when they do this (he does bag at all other times) and stares right back at them until one of them backs down...

  17. every single item on your list would be on mine. and if i had time i could think of a million others, particularly if i am pmsssssssssssing like i am right now. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  18. This is an EASY... MY answers are ALL the same as yours!!!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  19. call my kids. lol. they have the list.

  20. oh wow....i'm with you on all of them! i was even ranting about the "man-shifting" the other day, lol! i'm glad i'm not the only one who notices how weird it is! isn't it a good thing women don't go there...hmmmm :)

  21. i think you have am extensive list..I agree with all of the above ...

    how about playing your music so loud in a car next to you that your windows rattle!

    small noisy kids in a non kid movie

    cold food in restaurant...

    ok that is enough...elk

  22. I am so laughing at this list because I could have written it. Here's more:

    ~ When they mess up your drive through order and even though you knew better, you didn't check it before driving off.

    ~ Those women who are so germaphobic that they refuse to sit on a toilet. So they pee all over it and have no issues with us having to clean up their nasty pee germs!!

    ~ Well, that one bugs me so much it really should count for two!

    ~ Nope. It counts for all ten!


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