May 16, 2009

monet inspirations

monet gardens

on a much smaller scale i have found a garden that i love in montgomery. it is the english garden at the shakespeare festival and it is hidden in an alcove, almost behind the theater. lately it has been covered in a mixture of poppies and larkspur and bees have been going absolutely crazy whenever i visit.

sunshine garden

not much variety, but i can't help but be enchanted each time i go there. the whole park area is beautiful to visit and i can't wait to go biking there with my new cruiser. yes, i broke down and bought a bicycle....if i can't afford the jeep soon, at least i can get around on a bicycle. right?


so i got knocked out in the second round on the challenge - i can show you the shot i entered on the round. what i figured out is this group really has an aversion to flowers and it doesn't matter how bad (or good) the other shot is, there are some people that will automatically vote against flowers. the end. not that i think my shot was the end all to be's just a matter of knowing your audience right?

southern heart

i currently have coral roses on my desk and though i love looking at the color, especially in combination with my blue jars (i will not say the name because then i will giggle like a school girl)...i can't quite frame up the shot to my satisfaction. i think the straight stems and rigid lines are stifling me. or maybe its this nagging allegy session that i seem to be having.

photographers - does that happen to you. you look and look at something and the shot just doesn't happen? try and try to take shots and nothing looks good? anyway, i need to get dressed and figure out what i'm doing with my day. happy saturday.


  1. i love the flower shot! i think it's perfect! but, i also know how it is when shots just don't happen the way you see them....i had a photo session with my boys that went that way a couple of weeks ago. after lots of shots...only a few would work.....i think i'll post a couple to flickr today :)

    happy saturday!

  2. You asked: " try and try to take shots and nothing looks good?"... I answer,.. "Absolutely, for every good one I delete a dozen!" For what it's worth--I really like the shot you entered. Yes, I do!

  3. These photos are lovely!
    I say YAY for finding a
    wonderful place to shoot!
    The bottom photo of the
    rose is AMAZING! It is a
    rose right? It has got a
    Georgia O'Keefe feel to it.
    And yes, there are MANY
    times when what I want
    to capture with my camera
    does not come out the way
    I want to. Frustrating. I
    hope you have a fantastic
    Saturday Char!

  4. LOVE your work!!!

    Happy Weekend ~~

    xo Laura

  5. char...
    it happens to me more often than not...actually I think I've just started to acknowledge it happening more and more and being okay with it....

    remember that one post I did where I said a good day is when you get one great shot out of 100.....

    and I loved that flower shot by the way....

    I just did a black and white flower for shutter sisiters can go there to see it or just go to my blog and find my flickr link on the side if you want to see it....

    have a great saturday !!

  6. These shots are amazing! Happy Saturday to you too. Hope you find something fun to do.

  7. Hi, Char. I like your flower shot. And yes, you do have to know your audience. But it's a shame, though because it's such an interesting photograph.
    I used to shoot about a hundred photos and if I got 3 or 4 it was a good day. Now I can shoot a hundred and maybe get 20. If I'm lucky!
    There's something about your tree shot up there that I adore. I love the perspective, the color and the cropping. And I am partial to tree shots!
    Hope your day is lovely. Cool that you got a bike. Years ago I used to ride.

  8. I love your Black and White flower's stunning...
    It's totally as you said, knowing your audience.
    such pretty colours too in the poppy field...we're SO far from any poppies here in Canada yet...I think another 3 weeks, then we'll have all the blooms in blossom.
    Have a lovely Sat!

  9. love the color contrast of the poppy/larkspur shot! wonderful!

    love the line in the trees shot! mmmm. nice.

    and, those curly bits in the center of that b/w shot--wow! amazing!

    you take such fantastic (and artistic!) photos! :)

  10. You inspire me as a photographer! That B&W is a work of art! You have an amazing eye...

  11. I know some people are a little averse to photographs of flowers but they're still some of the most beautiful living things on this planet. It's too bad that such a silly prejudice remains.

  12. That picture is completely amazing.

  13. what a beautiful garden! i love messy, wild english gardens.

  14. I know by now that you have great set of blessed! Great weekend beautiful!

  15. OMG your pictures are so BEAUTIFUL!

    I wish i could take pictures like that..

    so you like claude monet's paintings too...even if you didn't so.

  16. thanks y'all. I just need to round up some people and make them pose.

  17. oh char your so right ~this is monet all over!

    sorry your phot was not subjective I guess..i am hyper critical of mine...lots of deletes

  18. Just love your b&w photo, such atmosphere. I take many photos to stock up for the blog posts, and yes, sometimes something in the essence of the subject just can't be captured on film effectively. Maybe it's the lighting at the moment, maybe I'm rushed, don't know. But something doesn't "click." Actually this happens with writing too sometimes, I know what I want to say, where to go, but have a hard time getting there and "take the picture" over and over again (rewrite).

  19. Hi Char! I really like the first photo in this set . . . the one with the single poppy in the foreground. Really quite lovely!

  20. I love your photo's! These flower shots are beautiful. You definitely have a great talent Char... so dont worry about being voted out, they;re beautiful!

  21. thanks y'all.

    Laurel!! how are you stranger?

  22. The garden of larkspur is so pretty. And the last photograph looks like a Georgia O'Keefe print infrared style & would be perfect framed. Very pretty. Keep on clicking.

  23. O my, is that magnolia shot great! The focus is incredible and I love how you've processed it.

    Tell us more about your bike--or better yet, show us some shots! I'm hoping to get a new one this week myself and I'm totally obsessed with them at the moment.

  24. I take lots of photos of my flowers. And I delete a lot when I upload them. So that tells you!

  25. I just love the second picture. The colors are great together.

  26. WOWSA! every shot. gorgeous. my favorite is the street lined with tress!

  27. Yes, I always have times like that. Sometimes more than just one day or a few days, it can last weeks and it sucks. I always feel like I'm in a rut then and get so uninspired and almost give up. Then suddenly, much later, I'll suddenly see something magical and grab my camera. And then I'm off. I think it's (for me) a state of mind, and the happier and more excited I am, the more creative I become. So the key (again, for me) is how to keep that happiness going.

    Great, great shots, Char! Love the English Garden close up.

  28. art/photography is very subjective. i deal with it every day in my work. in my opinion your work is very nice and i love each of these photos - pretty much like all of your photos.
    and of course i struggle with the same problem of looking at something so beautiful but feeling like i can't capture it in the camera. i'll take an average of 10 photos for every one that i accept and sometimes that makes me feel like i don't know how to compose but I believe some things just look better with the naked eye and held in our memory instead of in the camera.
    I completely agree, and relate to what Chris said.

  29. that english garden is just lovely ... i love poppies!

  30. Those first two pictures are gorgeous. WOW!!!!

  31. Wow, you have an artists eye!

  32. I love that no matter who difficult things are, or how discouraged you feel - you always find beauty. Yes, I love that about you.

  33. i was agree of all your talking it totally right .


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