May 13, 2009

design dilemmas

last night i finally got off my bottom and arranged my new bedroom to my satisfaction. of course that meant going to bed at 3:00 a.m. so i may be a bit fuzzy around the edges as i can rarely sleep past 8:30 a.m. light comes in the room - i'm awake. *sigh*

so, this is my dilemma. i have this weird taste that is a combination of modern, vintage and some tradtional style. until this move i've always been able to make it work...but, i was given a thomasville bedroom suite that is early american. not my taste at all...but it's solid wood and, right? i've also accumulated two beige coverlets from my mom as well as two beautiful angel pillows. (the blue one is mine)

you can see i've taken off the high boy posters off the footboard and i'm looking for finials for the shorter posts. i'm in the market for a coverlet, comforter that would help me blend the brownish pillows, beige coverlets/carpet with the ralph lauren suede paint in a chocolate brown color over the brick fireplace and khaki walls. i was thinking orange, sage and/or brown.

i'm not big on florals but, there have been some great graphics i've seen around that i love. but - will that look good with an early american bed? should i even care? also in the room is a small art deco armoire (antique) and a wooden chest (build by my father) that is painted black. the chest is easily repainted, if necessary. oh...i also have a goldish velvet tufted armchair and footstool.

impossible you say? nay, nay....but i'm open for suggestions that do not include throw it all away.


  1. OK, over my head. I don't know. But I really like the brick facade, and would highlight that!

  2. yeah...I think eventually I want to put either a brownish BW of the bottles there or a shot of my mom's angel. I just don't want it to look like I vomited angels everywhere.

    i'm really art deco-ish...but i'm working with what i'm dealt and what was free.

  3. I have this feeling that you're going to take what you've been given and go with it. It sounds like you've got a plan, anyway. Thomasville isn't my taste either; nor are florals. At all.
    Have you visited any decorating blogs? Mary at Red House has a lot of them on her sidebar.
    Good luck! Looks like fun.

  4. it sounds warm and cozy and i'm sure you'll make it yours with just a few little touches. have fun.

  5. How about a more modern quilt set? I got a quilt set for my new bed, and I have never really been a quilt type person. I love it! has some great ones. Check out this one:

    Mine is sage, but it's a very subtle shade.


    P.S. Your blog took me by surprise b/c this morning I was dreaming about someone giving my mom a wooden bedroom set that looks very similar to yours.

  6. Check out for inspiration...somehow I see you in their style somehow...PS: they have nice catalogue too! ~XO*

  7. I like the mix of styles you have going on, and could only suggest trying to tie it all together with one unifying aspect - a color, a repeated accessory, the fabrics of the room. Would definitely browse design mags and blogs too for ideas.

  8. try HGTV rate my space for inspiration...

    you can look at bedrooms there until you are blue in the face, but probably find something you'll want to try and copy !!!

  9. You'll be able to make it
    all work. Take it a step
    at a time. Fix what's
    bugging you the most.
    And go from there. The
    ideas will start to flow
    once you've removed
    your biggest distraction.
    Good luck! ;o)

  10. I would paint the bed. I'd sand it down and paint it. Probably white or some funky color like teal. I always think a pop of color is important, and why not embrace the bed by making it a focal point? Definitly paint it. It will bring the whole room together. Maybe even reattach the posts. There is nothing wrong with eclectic, and nothing wrong with free.

    paint the bed.

  11. This is too girly for me to say anything intelligent about. Luckily for you I'm willing to forge ahead. Vintage, Art Deco and retro always rock the bedroom more than modern. Because who wants a robot in their bedroom? Not even the Jetsons.

  12. i am one of those that has to see it all and agonize about it before months before making decisions. ANNOYING! so sorry i can't help here! :[

  13. I agree with you and totally have the same taste in decorating. I love mixing the modern and vintage, frilly and streamlined. I say put whatever strikes your fancy on the bed. If you like it and you mix it with everything else you like, it'll work. It's an extension of you and to pretend with the "right" stuff won't feel...right.

    Love the bed! I'm getting drowsy as I write this...zzzzzz :)

  14. Hmmmm... I would go with an all leopard theme accented with stuffed monkeys that clip on..not those creepy ones with cymbals, but that is just me...Why do you have so many pillows?? do you sleep sitting up?

  15. oooh. love the brick wall! i think it works! your ideas sound really good. the description of your pieces makes me think they will all work nicely together. i love orange and brown together.

    i hope we see the final result.

  16. i think it looks great, that's all i know. we still don't have an actual bed, just a frame. in fact, our matress is like 10,000 years old.

  17. I need more photos to get perspective on this. You are "eclectic," and I love eclectic!

  18. A burgundy, cranberry or really rich dark purple would go with the pillows and the wall color (and probably the gold armchair too). Since you have two coverlets have you considered trying to dye one? It would be cheaper than buying an entirely new one.

  19. that room looks (and sounds super cool). this might work with everything but the angel pillows -

    though it might be too "floral" for you. I can't wait to see pics once it's just as you want it : )

  20. I like the dark purple idea for sure.

    K - monkeys totally creep me out. especially those clanking ones with the buggy eyes. I could go with hello kitty but those could suck out my brain cells when I sleep.

    will definitely look at the garnet hill suggestion.

  21. the geometric prints you spoke of for the coverlet would make it more modern...also a enamel paint really gives furniture a breath of fresh...
    love the white bricks!

  22. How about painting the bed black, and getting some really funky finials -- maybe birds? Find something that's the right scale, but not necessarily a finial...

    Then look for a comforter or comforter cover in one of those oversized modern cotton damask prints... In coffee/white or robin's egg blue/white...

    Love the bricks. :)


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