June 18, 2010

it's friday and i love a list

being in nashville reminds me how much i love music posters from shows and especially the hatch show prints.  if you never seen them, hatch is one of the oldest still in operation printing shops.  ...but of course, as always, i digress.  for some reason to me, friday just calls for a list.  it's a day when we can't be too concerned with serious thought or work because we're eager for the weekend, me included.

i've been on an iPod craze lately which can be very bad for the wallet (and for goodness sake, don't take off that "are you sure reminder" or you can be stupid like me today and accidently buy the 'get him to the greek" soundtrack like i did.  ugh)

but....here is my list of purchases.  now...block my access to iTunes please.  (smile)

1.    everything falls apart - dog's eye view
2.    girlfriend - matthew sweet (reminds me of good times and panama city beach)
3.    friday i'm in love - the cure
4.    all for you - sister hazel (this makes me dance wherever i hear it)
5.    caramel - suzanne vega (very dreamy)
6.    angel mine - cowboy junkies (love, love, love this song)
7.    breakdown - tom petty (shur nuff)
8.    summer breeze - jason mraz cover of seals and croft
9.    gasoline and matches - buddy & julie miller
10.  take it easy - the eagles (love it)
11.  real world - matchbox 20 (before they were matchbox twenty - laugh)
12.  100 years - five for fighting (acoustic version)
13.  cinnamon girl - neil young
14.  train in vain - the clash
15.  why georgia - john mayer
16.  i'm your captain - grand funk railroad
17.  long long time - linda ronstadt
18.  turn my head - live
19.  the weary kind - ryan bingham
20.  cry to me - solomon burke


  1. Always looking for new music. Gonna Youtube these. Thanks!

  2. LOL...get him to the Greek!!!! Hilarious...sorry, I am laughing with you...swear ;)

    OK..great list. Matthew sweet (love) reminds me of collage and hanging out at the frat parties. So much fun! And the Eagles..well nothing NOT to like about them :)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Love that Ryan Bingham. Enjoy all of your new tunes!

  4. thanks for the list....i'm going to check them out !
    i have a new one i need to add to my ipod....rosi golan/think of me...i have never heard of her, not even sure how i found her, but i love this song and her voice....

  5. I'll have to go and check these out. I go through itunes phases and am listening to my ipod a lot at the moment, it's always great to find new music so thanks!

  6. I don't know if you've ever seen Tom Petty, but if you get the chance, go! I saw him a couple summers ago, and I'd have to say that the way he performs Breakdown live is phenomenal. I'd rate it one of the best songs I've seen live. He just slows it way, way down to a talk by the end, to next to nothing, almost a whisper. 10,000 people were riveted.

  7. oh.

    this is just in time!!
    i was totally looking for new music
    and a quick glance tells me we have similar taste!
    now i'm going back to look at it a little more

  8. Ah, music. I can get lost at the music store or on itunes. I love the mish-mash you have going on...you love a little of everything!

  9. ok, i have to get an ipod. i must be the only person on earth who doesnt have one.

  10. Kamana I don't either, sorry Char, I do love your list though. have a fun weekend. take care.

  11. music is a GREat investment in time & money ...sweet poster too

  12. Very similar tastes, my musical friend - didn't know Jason Mraz covered Summer Breeze.

    You HAVE to hear Jason Mraz sing on Tristan Prettyman's song "Shy That Way". It's one of the very best songs I've ever heard.

  13. haha! block your access to itunes! :-) no way! makes you too happy.
    love this info on hatch show prints, char! i never knew their history or even what they were called! our south is so rich with history, no? xo

  14. Your changes are beautiful over here. Have I told you yet?

  15. Sin Is A Good Man's Brother by Grand Funk too!!!

  16. I love summer breeze! Love that song...

  17. You like a lot of the old stuff I see. Gotta love the ipod, though I have yet to add any songs to my iphone. In general I still use my crappy old mp3 player. One of these days I'll get around to adding a song or two!

    Fridays list is pretty cool!

  18. Fridays are very hard on your wallet, it seems! You definitely have very eclectic taste in music. :)

  19. what a great selection of tunes...
    I just came from the itunes store;))

  20. I think I still have a teenage crush on Robert Smith... I need to remind myself I am no longer 15!!

  21. i love the poster!!! there is nothing like a great set of graphics! so pleasing to the eye.

    and my favorite song above is the tom petty one. i don't have any of his albums, but i usually crank most of his songs up when they come on the radio, especially american girl (and i always picture the scene from silence of the lambs when the chick is belting it out).

  22. fab list! i haven't listened to sister hazel in ages. thanks for reminding me how much i love that song!

    xo Alison

  23. i think music connects so many people in so many ways.

  24. Music is an important part of life and worth the splurge...I can remember doing a paper in college on Music therapy and I have been very aware of how music can effect my mood ever since...I use my ipod a lot but I have to admit that I haven't heard of most of the musicans on your list...will check them out:)...Love Neil Young:)


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