June 13, 2010

a little here, a little there...


sunshine on purple

scott and zelda slept here

rinse and repeat

top seed


wind rider

new blogger uploads didn't put them in the right order...but, this also goes with the title.  today i drove aimlessly around the city and county.  "rinse and repeat" and "arched" are from huntingdon college - the home of the infamous 'red lady' ghost and where the college parts of big fish were filmed. the house is the one time home of f. scott and zelda fitzgerald - she was originally from montgomery and met him when he enlisted and was stationed here.  (the war ended shortly thereafter)  they lived here while he worked on "tender is the night" and she wrote her only novel "save the last waltz."  i've always been intrigued by them and have read all of their novels.  the great gatsby is my favorite.

sunshine on purple is from oak park - a park that i played in as a child.  it's mostly sparse these days and many of the playgrounds where we roamed are broken down and packed dirt.  it's pretty sad.

the remaining shots are from montgomery county - down woodley road.  you're seeing shots from my 40d and my rebel xti.  i also took out my old film rebel and julie is right - there is just something satisfying about hearing that shutter operate.  i pick up the film tomorrow.  *bites fingernails*  i shot bw on the film - so let me see how many bad habits i've learned from dslr shooting.

i also made fresh blueberry muffins this morning by a new recipe that has very little sugar.  they were pretty yummy!  hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Your titles are fantastic. Rinse and Repeat actually made me giggle. I love it! Posted, too. And, of course, your images are stunning. They always are. I just read a recipe for blueberry banana muffins over at Willow's place. Synchronicity again. I love that.

  2. Your photos are beautiful, all of them, glad you were out and about....I was getting too much sun. lol. beautiful, beautiful shots. have a great week.

  3. Such loveliness here Char. Can't wait to see the photos you took on film! So fun and the anticipation...;)

  4. I love this whimsical series of pictures...love your sense of humor.

  5. Your photos are stunning :)

  6. Love the sunshine on purple...beautiful! Care to share your blueberry muffin recipe without a lot of sugar- sounds like something I need!
    Loved Big Fish also...love when there is a message in a movie..
    Have a great day!! Hugs from Norway :-))

  7. Good pictures!

    I'm glad you had a good weekend. Mine was good too!


  8. I LOVE the first photograph, 'posted,' and my other favorite is 'wind rider.' SO beautiful.

  9. Oh, Char - when I saw "dancers," I'm afraid I squealed a bit - GORgeous!

  10. char your images all are so lovely..i always enjoy going to a college campus to find inspiration..

  11. okay....you have totally made me want to get out my film camera....well, maybe i'll wait until you get your photos back first :)

  12. lovely lovely images here. blueberry muffins? hmm... maybe i should bake a batch for breakfast tomorrow...

  13. these are all so lovely, love dancers and rinse and repeat! can't wait to see your magic from the film!

  14. Lovely Dear Char!....
    We are in synch in that I recently dusted off my old slr which I received as a graduation gift in 1972...Now I have to find a place that develops film...

    Love the tour of Montgomery...is the house of f scott and zelda still lived in?...it's beautiful...

  15. i've been away too long. your new site looks great and i loved this post. the photos and their titles - especially "wind rider". sounds like things are great your way.
    yes nothing like the sound of the shutter release on an old film camera.


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