June 28, 2010


it seems that i just get over one week before another starts up and stares me straight in the face, daring me to deal with it.  so ...here i am, dealing with it.  and...thankfully, so far, so good (of course it's monday and i'm joking.)

i had a great weekend...well, by great i mean that i got to shoot some shots that i'm very proud of, had fun processing those shots, found some great white jeans (and bought them of course), and got to see one of my favorite summer indulgences, true blood.  funny - the twilight series leaves me cold but true blood makes me all shivery with horror and intrigue.

after reading andrea's eloquent list to her younger self i thought a lot about things that i would tell my younger self and then thought a lot about how, even today, when an older person tells a  younger person, they're all "phffttt" just like i was with my mother. (i don't think i took a breath writing that sentence so it a bit run-on, just like i was when i was younger)  i know all of you can think of a younger person that your heart just aches for and how you could give them so much wisdom...if only.  it seems we spent so many years 'going to school' to only learn the harder lessons later in life...or is it that we realize we learned the lessons at a younger age but they were encrypted in some mystic language that we didn't decode until we turned 29...or something.  anyway...there are so many things on that list that i was nodding along with.

then i see brilliant young people, like my model - Christy, who is funny and has her head on so very straight.  she is not quite sure where she's going yet but she wants to do it in a happy, positive and good way..and i admire her.  she is much more together than i was at that age.  it's funny to think at her age i was deeply in love and knew i wanted to get married.  i knew i was going to be a secretary, support my husband through school and have babies.  then, when they got in school, i was going back to school to get my degree in something cool - at that time i think was "computers" (lol - a degree in computers - what?)  then we would have brilliant children who would grow up and we would eventually sail around the world after we retired.  the good thing about dreams, paths and such...they are changeable.  i wish i could remember where i read it but it was basically this...a path isn't necessarily a straight line with one way on or off.  a path meanders and winds - there are many ways to get on that path and many ways to get off a bad path to get to a new, better path.  i like that thought.  a lot.  a lot lot.  okay - i like that tremendously.  don't you?

currently on my ipod - english girls approximately (ryan adams), seed (angie aparo), follow through (gavin degraw), beautiful (india.arie), in my own mind (lyle lovett), northern sky (nick drake), la song (beth hart).  apparently my ipod is in a very, very mellow place today....like it's working off a hangover. 

looking forward to - class tonight, seeing a draft of our operational plan, a great three-day weekend

current obsession(s) - true blood, red bell pepper, pasta and finding the perfect green flat.


  1. I never listened to anyone's advice, much to my shame. So, I never expect anyone younger than me to listen to mine...

    but that doesn't keep me from trying ;)

    I hope your class is wonderful!

  2. Interesting...wish I could be 25 again with this 55 year old brain...

  3. and sometimes those paths have rocks that you slide on and tree roots bubbling up that you trip over....

    but yes, we are always on a path....somewhere !

  4. So very thought provoking............
    Love the purples!! Love that last thought about dreams and paths too! :)

  5. Lovely post, the older I get the smarter I realize people were back when I was in my teens...I try not to give advice, but sometimes you want to save them, but just let life take its course, have a great class.

  6. Great post! And we seem to have pretty much the exact same taste in music. I love when that happens.

  7. I love the currently on my iPod, etc. at the bottom of your post. I just love recommendations, I guess.

  8. I saw that post too about when she was 17...loved it...although I loved where I was when I was 17 and think to go back and say "my dad was right" would go against all the growing up and experiences I had when i was 17...like Glastonbury.

  9. I can't talk about my older me 'cause I'm still 23, but I think you learn more when the things are worst, not for the age. When you are younger you just think of have fun -I do it now-, you don't think about the future, just live the present. When you get older the things are more difficult 'cause you have more obligations. That's what I think. So yeah, maybe the younger people never listen to the older ones, but it's better this way 'cause they can learn with their OWN mistakes. And this is what you never forget.


  10. Hiya :) I found you through Tricia at Talespinning and you mentioned your absolute love for Buffy and Joss and your loathing of Twilight I was all, why yes, I agree with all of the above, hmmm, new person to stalk.

    So it's nice to (blog)meet you and I just wanted to stop by and say hi :)

    (I am also a fan of photography and run-on sentences, can you tell?)

  11. I really like what you wrote about our ability to get -off- the path. Sometimes it seems the idea of trying something new is a lot easier to grasp than retiring something or someone. Sometimes the retiring is what is required. Good to remember...

    What do you mean by "green flat"?

  12. I loved andrea's list to her 17 year old self too...it was so funny as well as heart-wrenching. Today as I was walking I found myself thinking of that list and trying to make up one of my own I found myself talking to my 21 year old self instead...I guess I gave my teen self a break. Life is a journey...

  13. I read that list, too. There were lots of things on it that I would like my own daughter to understand... but at 18 she knows everything. lol

    And I like the thought of that meandering path, leading to better paths... if only we have the courage to strike out in a new and completely unknown direction... :)

  14. Ah...that list...it will stay with me for the longest time. xxx

    Nick Drake, mmm, Northern Sky...we had that played whilst we signed the register at our wedding. It's a perfect song in every way. x


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