June 25, 2010

it's friday and i love a list

the picture has nothing to do with a list...it's just a picture of my itty bitty bit having breakfast and i love it.  i look forward to fridays, for a number of reasons - including the obvious that the weekend is coming up! 

ways that i've tried to improve my life over the past year:
1.  worry less.
2.  be the kind of person that i would want to be friends with.
3.  eat better and eat locally (when possible)
4.  inject more creativity in my life.
5.  tell people that i love, "i love you" whenever i can.
6.  release the past, live in the moment, plan for a bright future.
7.  challenge myself/allow myself to fail

songs recently played (on my work iPod):
1.  you get what you give - new radicals
2.  ice cream - sarah mclachlan
3.  angel flying too close to the ground - willie nelson
4.  useless desires - patty griffin
5.  so much mine - jonatha brooke
6.  life less ordinary - carbon leaf

accomplishments this week:
1.  started photography classes again
2.  kept my cool when a webinar went horribly wrong
3.  got through the week without buying new music for the iPod
4.  washed clothes instead of putting them off until the weekend
5.  completed the budget and sent it off to the consultants

for those that were interested in aperture and creating bokeh but had a bit of issue with lens...this is a good article about that at  blah, blah, blahg


  1. budget. bloody hell, i just remembered i need to get that done by mid next week! thanks for the reminder! ;)

  2. I love the... I love you part! I reallt need to work on some of these!

  3. I love this...

    "be the kind of person that i would want to be friends with."

    so simple but pretty powerful.

  4. she's just too cute !
    and l love lists too....do you keep them running during the week ? my memory is so awful that i make a list to remind me not to forget my grocery list when i head to the store :)

  5. new radicals! blast from the past, i love it!

    xo Alison

  6. I really enjoyed your blog post this fri. Also found it interesting that you like Willie Nelson and 'angels flying too close to the ground'. I listen to it often.

  7. Very nice! What great lists! Now I am going to go fold that laundry and check it off my list.


  8. excellent goals! i am trying to do similar stuff and so far so good!

    hope your weekend is FAB!

  9. Good list of improvements we should all try for.
    I love a list too. Gets you thinking!
    Have a great weekend!!

  10. top of the list ...make a memory with itty bit..she is a sweety!! music...not such a bad vice char...

  11. I'm a "list" girl myself! Keeps me on track.

  12. Allowing failure is so important. I'm usually pretty good about it. I've evolved in the allowing failure area, but releasing the past is a bit harder for me...

  13. I'm a list maker, as well. There's something therapeutic about seeing that list marching forward ahead of you, and the lines you make (or checks) as things are accomplished. The list that aren't "to do" lists? I keep them. Notebooks, pads, computer...everywhere.-Sandy

  14. Oh yes...your little one is beautiful!

  15. Please tell me how to worry less! And re: your song list, I love the song "Ice Cream!" It's a great one.

    xo Erin

  16. I was recently told to worry less create a worry hour and to only do my worrying between 10 and 11. I find this really works. If I start to worry out of that hours I tell myself it's not worry hour and when 10am comes around I so busy I forget to worry. It really works!

  17. Reminds me that I need to make a list:)

    "To be the kind of person that I would want to be friends with..." ...what a wonderful goal...I'm going to steal it...

    What photography class did you end up taking?

  18. that looks like a friday's favorite to me!
    I haven't been by in a month of sundays~ or saturdays :-)

  19. Gail - it's theme photography. we will be assigned a theme each week but it will not be something tangible. this week is obscurity.

  20. A cool list shows whata simple person you are. I never thought lists were that fun!

  21. I always love your insightful lists and find myself nodding to some of the items. I also love your eclectic taste in music...that's one of my favorite Willie songs.

  22. Ah yes. Worry less. I struggle with that one, but have been trying to let it go - and be more open to the present.

    Loving your itty bitty one... :)


  23. got through the week without buying new music for the iPod This has me laughing. We all have our little addictions, don't we? At least yours is a healthy one.


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