October 15, 2008

a dream within a dream

A spider bit me yesterday while I was sitting at my desk. Today the wound is red and a bit swollen but the skin is not broken. It itches a bit, mostly when my denim jacket brushes against the tender skin of my arm.

I know I'm compulsive - I've told you guys before. So compulsive that I built a database to hold my quotes. Sad, huh? But, I enjoy scrolling through them with little reminders of joy and peace. There a few depressing ones in there...but mostly they are ones that make me smile in some little way.

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

Every Wednesday I drive the same route to work that I drive most days (unless I have a craving for a Burger King croissant). There at the fountain are the war protesters mingled in the midst of the homeless people lined up for morning coffee and doughnuts at the church. I wonder about the protesters. There are four. The same ones each week with the same signs. Why only on Wednesday? Why only four?

At 4:30 every morning I wake-up with an urgency to pee - you could set your alarm by it. It's so weird and I wonder what Jung would make of it...but then, he's also the one that said "sometimes a dream is just a dream." I was remembering dreams for a while but I'm back in that cycle where I don't remember them. I'm not sure what that means.

I sit here in the quiet at work. All I can hear is the click of my keyboard as I write this jumble of words. There is a hum of the air conditioning clicking on and in the distant background I can hear a soft murmur of voices, speaker phones, and footsteps down the hall. The loud talker is out of the office today and my boss and I are the only ones in the office on my hallway. Its soothing in some ways - almost zen. My mind roams and sometimes trips. How is it that I work better with lots of noise than with little?


  1. My office is so quiet it's like a library sometimes and every tiny sounds breaks my concentration. When I have to really get my brain working I go and sit in the coffee shop where the noise level is constant and doesn't interrupt.

    And there is coffee. And cake *grin*

  2. Watch that spider bite... make sure your clean it good. I once got bit and it developed into an infection and I had to have it cut open, cleaned out and packed and a lovely staph infection followed... be careful!

  3. Ouch. Hope your bite feels better. A quotes database huh? Wow. I might consider doing that, and maybe even start it, but I know I'd never finish it, just like I never finish any of the other millions of things I start. Maybe it's War on War Wednesday?

  4. Foxxx: mmmmmmmm, cake - I should have gotten some of the cake they had at lunch.

    Fifi: yes, I'm watching - I'm very scared of spider bites. But you know what works good on them? Natural too - raw potato.

    Megan: War on Wednesday - excellent point.


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