October 1, 2008

I wanna be the cool aunts when I'm 70 too.

*my sister is cropped out of this shot as she has threatened to kill me for posting any pictures of her without photo approval. (shhhhh!)

Friday my sister, one of my brothers and I had lunch with my supercool aunts. They were two of my mother's very best friends in addition to being beauty women and it always makes me feel so warm and very fuzzy when I'm around them. Too often in a family as large as mine (my dad was one of 13 children) we never see each other unless its a funeral. Sure, we laugh and joke ('we gotta quit meeting like this') but life just swirls by so damn fast that it's hard to take the time to make lunch plans. So...we did.

We sat in the restaurant for about three hours, until the bus boys were giving us the evil eye of wanting to go home. I always come away with funny stories about my mom, memories of past days and plenty of gossip about my cousins scattered across the states and sometimes, the world.

At 65 and 70, I hope they will be around a while....but I always treasure the time together. I love you Aunt Brenda and Aunt Betty. You two are the best.


  1. I'm glad you had a good time. Enjoying older family members makes me happy, on the rare occasions it happens anyway.

  2. I have one cool aunt. She's 60/61 and used to be a fashion designer. Waaaaay coool and always made me feel everso slightly intimidated.

    Gotta have her over for lunch sometime soon :)

  3. My grandmother is 93 and she was a "seamstress" for an exclusive dress shop in Philadelphia back in the day. These days I believe she would have been called a designer but back then, she took apart dresses and put them back together to better fit the person. For my uncle's wedding - she designed her gown as well as the very dashing hat she wore with the dress. She was the most elegant thing I've seen in my (then) 18 years. I remember when I was 13 she gave me a Gucci totebag (I had no clue) that I later threw away because it was "ugly". *smacks forehead*


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.