October 24, 2008

wicked me, wicked weekend

it's official - my baby sister yelled at me this morning. yes she did. don't let her tell you different - she definitely had yell in her voice as she railed at me (appropriately) for not going to the doctor and my bellyaching about not going to Atlanta as I was still sick.

so....she should have actually done that. I hate the doctor and she was the one that went through my mom refusing to go to the doctor when she should have. so....yeah, bad of me reinforcing those negative memories.

but....I do really feel better. it's like the yell ran around my body telling me to shape up or ship out damn it....so I did.

*cabbage patch dance* we're going to see Wicked...we're going to see Wicked....we're going to see Wicked.

ahem, ok more dignified now. everyone has been so quiet lately - what's the deal?


  1. It's the seasons. Everything's changing and people are trying to see if the grass is greener over 'there'.

    I've already checked; it ain't. They'll be back :)

  2. Kurt's here in Nashville with me for the weekend. He's been super busy trying to get all his work tied up before he left on this trip. I've been doing some of the same since I'm on a 10 day vacation.

    I hope you get to feeling better. It's such a shame you were in such a great country and you were feeling yucky.


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