October 27, 2008


an entire weekend without photography - what is that like? I haven't had one of those in a while...but what I did have was an amazing weekend with amazing friends. JM and I head off for Atlanta Saturday morning - the sun was shining, the skies were bright. We find the hotel downtown with absolutely no problem. Mellie met us for dinner and we had wonderful tapas at Fuegos. Yum....I'm a sucker for any small plate dinners. Something about a tiny bit of lots of things makes me happy.

Then on to the fabulous Fox Theater. Very cool place - I've never been before so I wasn't sure what to expect. Very vintage art deco that has been restored beautifully. The ceiling makes it look like you're outside. People were dressed in the gamut from prom dresses and tuxedoes to jeans. The little girls in their witch hats were the most precious. And the doorman...he reminds me of the homeless guy in "Pretty Woman"..in a good way. "Welcome your highness to the fabulous Fox Theater!" he exclaims.

The play, Wicked was excellent. Highly recommended with a great message. I read the book twice and admit, it took the second reading for me to "get" it.

Drinks and snacks at Cypress Street Pint and Plate - yummmmmm. Sleepytimes and then brunch at Agnes & Muriel's with J, M & JM (funny how that works out). You know it's good friends when you sit in one restaurant for three hours and never notice the time passing.

A wonderful wicked weekend.


  1. Oh how I love The Nutcracker at the Fox during the holidays. There's something about that building that is just unforgettable.

  2. I can see how the Nutcracker there would be amazing - especially to a young girl. I would be thrilled to take one of my nieces there one day.


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