October 11, 2008

good times

I will go on record to say that Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt were freaking amazing tonight. Shots from a point and shot sneakily done do not do them justice so I will not bother you with them. But, wow - if you have a chance to see them together - run and get your tickets.

It reminded me of the old VH-1 Crossroads before the show became too self aware. Two regular guys with their guitars riffing off random bits of conversation and ideas. It was like sitting on the front porch with them while they went through their song catelog. Lyle Lovett is so dead pan and funny that my jaws ache from laughing and smiling. His brand of smart assed humor in his songs cracks me up and then he can turn around and make you cry. And John Hiatt - amazing guitar player and, who, who can resist "Have a Little Faith in Me?"

wow....a great show. And this is what I did last night.




  1. The two leaves, laying together, reaching for each other.



  2. Another John Hiatt fan. I've seen him with Lyle Lovett and agree that it was a great time.

    I came over from Whole Latte Life and have enjoyed scrolling through your photos and stories. I was going to come and go quietly, but I can't not say hello to a fan of John Hiatt.


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