October 19, 2008

a good day

Yesterday was one of those almost perfect days - perfect temperature, perfect company and amost perfect photography conditions....except for the 10-15 mph winds. Which sounds nice on a fallish-cool day but suck for photographers out on a nature photoadventure with 8-10 people.

First stop, Horton Mill covered bridge in Blount County. I didn't know it, but Alabama is covered (heh) in covered bridges. This one was pretty difficult to capture. Especially at noon-thirty. Too bright, too weird of angles and too covered with foliage. So....I played with it a bit and got this abstracty dark result.

horton mill covered bridge

Then on to Lake Gunterville - by the longest, twisted, most weird way possible. Saw some great landscapes, barns, etc. The sailboats were out by the droves - of course at the far end of the lake. It was the kind of day that makes me miss Robert (the ass). Windy days were perfect as we cut across the water feeling as if nothing could tie us down.


We wandered through the woods - the wind making it impossible to get much in the landscape or macro shots again. But, just being there watching the water, it was glorious. Even when I just sat and watched the water, it was worth the trip. The rocks and trees fought with each other for ground. Beautiful granite, covered with bits of lichen and worn smoother over time. Elegant hardwoods, clawing and fighting for footing in the hills that led to the water. Together they tumbled and sprawled over the landscape.


And then....the waterfall (my favorite part of the trip). So smooth and silky it looked like gallons of milk tumbling down the hillside. The waterfall is spring-fed and powerful. We caused minor traffic jams as cars stopped to see what we were doing - a troop armed with tripods and cameras. But, it was worth it to me.


and this shot...just because....

dangerous curves ahead

We tumbled in the car - tired by the day and listening to Alabama's game with Ol' Miss (yes, you cannot spell "old"). Woot (Roll Tide). On the way, someone told us that a bald eagle makes his nest nearby and if you're lucky and he's home, he tolerates people within 30 feet. Well, he was on the wing and it was glorious to watch him. He glided around the lake in large circles, teasing us with glimpses of his white head and tail feathers backlight to a golden glow in the setting sun. I didn't have a long enough lens to get any shots of him, but my instructor got off a few shots on one of the cirle passes.

All in all - a good day. Even if I didn't get many shots.

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  1. Wow. That waterfall shot looks like the water is airbrushed on there. Damn. I think you certainly made up for not many shots with that one alone.


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