October 23, 2008

water colors

Mt Hood

I can't imagine waking up to that gorgeous view every day, but someone does as the houses lining the bluff were treated to this sight. That's something this flatlander doesn't see much. I drove up as far as the villages but didn't get to make it to Government Camp as I wanted to go to the falls. It's tough traveling with my company sometimes as I don't always get enough free time to do all the things I want to do.


Multnomah Falls is the second highest waterfall in the United States (that flows year-round). It was very impressive but cold and I was sick. I didn't take my tripod - big mistake, but hey, again I was coughing so hard that I couldn't carry it. (wah - right?) There were a ton of people there but the funniest guy was standing on the bridge posing like a roman statue. Of course after about five minutes of that I was ready for him to move on so I could try to take a shot.

MultnomahFalls - Upper Fall

After the falls, I drove along the Columbia River Gorge just before sunset. The deep shadows and colors were more beautiful than my camera could show. Where the eye sees 15 stops of light, the camera sees 5 stops - so the subtle mist and layers is very difficult to show. It was peaceful and serene. I can't imagine the beauty that explorers must have seen when the area was pristine and undisturbed by man.

Columbia River Gorge

fall on Columbia River

sunset on the river

I drove to the hotel and collasped in the bed...ordering pizza in for the night. *sigh* such is my big fat glamerous life. PS - did you know that it's law in Portland that you cannot pump your own gas? Nice, but when I'm taking a rental back to the airport, I don't want to overfill, you know?


  1. I was just in Portland last month!!! I absolutely LOVED it. I want to move there. The cubic rocks on the falls had me mesmerized. Ahh, I want to go back. I didn't even bring my damn camera. Enjoy your time there!!! Go drool over some dreadlocked boys for me, and don't forget to check out Powell's bookstore downtown!! It's a whole freaking block.

  2. I've always said that if I didn't have family that I would move to that area of the country. It is gorgeous. I never have enough time there...I just hate I was sick.


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