October 7, 2008

lavender blue dilly dilly....

There is a park that I love very near my office. Very easy access, picnic tables for a bag lunch and plenty of roses and lavender. I always hated lavender as a child - it smelled like a grandmother's closet and, I don't know...I just didn't like it. But, like squash - I have fallen in love with this beautiful herb this year. Avondale Park has an abundance of it and the bees in the park are in heaven between lavender, roses and salvia. The park is still a soft explosion of pinks, reds and purples and I love to sit and watch the wind blow through the flowers.

Today I was wandering around with a camera when a homeless guy scared me - getting close enough to whisper in my ear "so you like flowers?" I gulped and nodded my head...easing back and casually putting my hand in my pocket with my cell phone. He nodded a gap-tooth smile and almost yelled "Me too." I wandered off a few more steps and he stood watching me take pictures. Checking every few seconds, he stood his ground as I drifted further away - trying not to insult him by completely flipping out.

We are so taught in our society to be scared of the homeless and I suppose in some cases rightfully so. But here was this guy, enjoying nature like me. Better safe that sorry though?

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  1. Maybe he just whispered so he wouldn't scare you? Being confronted by strangers can be scary no matter how they are attired and where they live.


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