May 28, 2009

the whole earth was brimming with sunshine that morning. she tripped along the clear blue sky pouring liquid blue into her soul.

there have been many posts about make-up today in my blog world so i will share with you my sister's secret. she's addicted to wet and wild's mega plump. it costs $2 and she goes through tubes like a maniac - to quote her, "i love it." so there you have my wild make-up tip. the good thing about not having a job - you save money on make-up. i rarely wear more than powder and mascara these days. yeah - i can hear the excitement of any male readers left out there.

to tell you how very bored i've been, i organized my computer cookbooks and have consolidated them into one. i noticed the following about that

:: though i dislike baking with a passion, there are a very high number of cake recipes in the cookbooks. i love cake - i am intimidated of cakes. it's all so exact and delicate. pies are easier.
:: i have at least five different recipes for shrimp and grits. i only use one. maybe it's time to let go of a couple.
:: i put overly ambitious recipes in the cookbook in hopes that i will be inspired - turns out they make me lazy and bring on unbridled use of cream of mushroom soup. i swear i'm going to make those empanadas from userealbutter one of these days.

i didn't do all of my errands yesterday but i did pick up chinese food. since moving home there has been a serious lack of chinese food in my diet. maybe that is the root cause in so many allergy attacks this year - the lack of eggrolls and steamed dumplings. i will investigate that possibility more.

clothes are washed (not yet folded), i need to pay bills (don't want to) and groceries need to be purchased. boredom has moved into the food area (part of the reason for the cookbook consolidation). did you know that 2% milk is named that because it only has 2% less fat than whole milk and not because it has 2% total fat? yeah, neither did i. now i know why there is such a drastic difference between that and skim milk. boo.

this morning i read a blog and was suddenly transported back to my childhood. something about summer does that to me and i think it's universal. summer is the time screams childhood, isn't it? the memory in particular is sitting on the steps of the front porch with the light off. soft murmurings of voices with the adults sitting in in the kitchen playing cards. running after fireflies and making wishes on dandelions. playing 'mother may i' in the dusky light and swinging until my lungs felt as if they would burst.

last night i saw fireflies as i took out the garbage. this morning i watched a bright red cardinal play among the leaves of the chinaberry tree. he hopped from branch to branch. i swear i heard him laugh, so i laughed with him. he flew way - but, i know he'll be back around. i think maybe i will too...some day...hopefully soon. i miss me.


  1. I had no idea about 2% milk. Huh. Glad I drink skim, except for the whole cream in my coffee. And I only use regular milk in recipes (along with sour cream, oil, etc.). You can taste the difference, I've found.

    Sounds like life is very quiet and peaceful for you right now. I'm in the same boat as you, although I haven't gotten around to tidying recipes :)

  2. What I would give to be a child again. Fireflies really do encapsulate summertime. & I was just thinking of beauty products since I just showered at 1pm after opting for mowing/gardening rather than thrift store shopping today. :)

  3. that 2% milk thing is shocking! i had no idea! why even bother?!?!?!?

    and you have me thinking of chinese food. YUM.

  4. God I miss fireflies...can you send me some?!!

  5. cripes....that's all 2% percent milk means ?
    what a scam !

    and that boredom, even though summer is here and pulling in many different directions, is tangible for me somedays, too.

    if I do a load of laundry a day....which is what pretty much always happens...the rest of the day can be a blur of nothing and at least that one tiny load of clothes has kept me sane !

    and isn't it amazing how a job helps define us ?...I completely know how you've been missing you, as I see it here first hand !

  6. cakes are a breeze, seriously! pie-crust? forget it. I won't even attempt it.

    and who knew about the milk scam thing?

    happy cardinal watching! :)

  7. Sounds like you're in a nice lull, catching up on things, moving along, aware. It's nice to be able to tune in to things like childhood summers, and okay, cardinals too! There's one that always visits outside my window, making me smile :)

  8. aw, what a poignant and slightly sad post without really being overtly sad. i know that "i miss me" feeling, tho' i feel over it now. i know exactly what you mean.

    and i think cakes are easier than pies...pies are so fiddly and it's so hard getting the crust to look pretty. another thing with cakes and desserts in general that i've been thinking about lately is that i love to bake them, but i actually don't really eat that much of them once they're done. luckily everyone else around here does.

    i'll leave you to stretch your way to summer today.


  9. chris:: i agree, the real thing tastes better in cooking, especially for company.

    april:: i went thrifting today but nothing called my name.

    dg:: i had leftover dumplings for lunch - they were yummy.

    k:: yes - can i send mosquitoes too?

    beth:: i miss a purpose.

    amy:: aren't they beautiful? i think of as winter birds but, this one is here year round.

    joanne:: anything that brings a smile is a plus these days.

    julie:: that's why i do a 'rustic crust' on pies or buy prepared crusts. i can't make regular crust from scratch, but graham cracker crusts are a snap.

  10. Pie crust? I've got two words for you.
    It's all I've used for years. Friends think I use a secret family recipe. I've just never corrected them.

    This is the only you I know. So I can't miss what I don't know. But I totally understand what you mean.

  11. NO!..No Skeeters, no chiggers, No deer flies, no black flies, no deer ticks, or any other parasitic blood sucking creatures you have in the south including James Carville and most lawyers!

  12. I really love the way you write. I enjoy every little sentence that makes me contemplate, everything.

    I've recently been organizing my room, including my recipes (not done there). I have realized that I have tons and tons of recipes and only a fraction that have been tried. My next project when we get back from vacation is to try some and TOSS those that don't suit.

  13. k:: lol ok - but i really wanted to get rid of carville.

    cg:: good secret to know. i'll never tell.

    jill:: sounds like a good idea - you will have to share what you do like as i'm always looking for new ideas.

  14. Cake. . . cake I can handle.
    Pie. . . love to eat them, but
    I must admit that the thought
    of making one scares me!

  15. When my daughter was little we used to read a book called "My Favorite Time of Year." And summertime in the book was filled with just the sort of memories you have listed. I have always loved that book because it is so nostalgic...

    Hang in there -- I'm sure things will get better soon. :)

  16. Hmmmm, so many things....1% milk=happy medium, chocolate cake=got a heavenly and easy recipe, Great Lash mascara=cheap and effective been wearing it since I was 16, summer=childhood, yeah, right there with you, it's why I love my screened-in porch, missing me=it's been so long, I'm not sure I know who that is anymore, pies=you should teach a class on pie-making.


  17. your memories of childhood at dusk brings my own memories flooding back. Oh, how I would love to go home for supper just one last time! But at 67 it is nearly 50 years too late.

  18. kat:: rustic tarts are where it's at, if the crust messes up - it's supposed to be that way! lol

    mary:: i'm hangin' on for all it's worth

    susan:: great lash - can't use it because i rub my eyes too much. i would love a screened in porch.

    cedar:: true - the hazy days we can never get back. what i wouldn't give sometimes.

  19. Wow. Your childhood summer memories are still vivid in my mind. It seems most of my childhood memories are of summer as well. Always with the sound of adults talking and laughing in the background and maybe a tv. I like your writing Char. It engages the mind to evoke thoughts that include visuals and feelings...not just plain thoughts.

    My joblessness has been yielding a pretty clean house as well. I seem to do a whole lot of nothing though that ends up somehow taking up the entire day. I wake up early but never get dressed before 11. I like it.

  20. Yes, I knew this about 2% milk, but I'm probably way older than you. Thus have more information in my brain! I don't cook much. But I always thought cakes were easier than pies. At least easier than pie crusts. You will find yourself soon. You can't have wandered too far yet...

  21. yes i do believe it is a universal thing that summers transport us back to our childhood. it's a wonderful thing. do you remember playing "kick the can" and whiffle ball? we always played outside way past dark, never went in without catching some lighting bugs first.

  22. ...I think you should share your shrimp and grits recipe with us northerners...Love your summer memories...sweet...

  23. Can you send me some fireflys too? Something so magical about them. I miss childhood Too many bills, stresses, responsibilities, etc. I think I need some play time!

  24. We've been eagerly watching each night for the first firefly. I predict that Monday evening will be the night. Around here they always seem to show themselves on June first. No idea why.

    Dear Char, I'm thinking of you during this hard time. I.... hmmm.. That's it, I guess, just thinking of you.

  25. Loved reading your almost list of what you did today! And don't be scared off from baking, cakes and fun are so easy to make (I hate the delicate stuff too - too tricky...)

    Actually check out the latest cake recipe on my blog, very un-pretty, but delicious! (Add to your file!)

  26. starlene:: i never quite seem to get out much before noon. it's weird.

    brenda:: i hope i find my way back soon or else i'm in big trouble.

    l:: i loved wiffle ball even though i wasn't very good at it. one of my favorite easters was spent watching the guys play it like children.

    oliag:: i will share the shrimp and grits soon - i'm craving it.

    caroline:: way too many stresses.

    relyn:: thanks - i need all the thoughts i can get. they are deeply appreciated.

    annabelle:: will definitely check it out.


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.