September 16, 2009

extended forecast

no, this is not a current shot as fall has not quite fallen completely here. but i see signs of it everywhere. we're stuck in this holding pattern of weather lately with rainy days punctuated by semi-colons of sunshine and dashes of wind. the acorns are starting to fall and the dogwood trees have jeweled leaves with trifecta of bright colors. a hummingbird took refuge in the rain under the eaves and smiled her thanks as we watched it rain again.

though as i type this, there is a break in the clouds yet again...

last night i dreamed of mom and hugging her tight. it felt warm and good. and i can remember in my dream that i said something to her (or to me i think) but i can't remember the lesson i murmured to myself. but it was a good feeling. i like good feelings, don't you?

economist say the recessing is ending and that spending in august was higher than it's been for a while. i hope so. i hope that people are overcoming this fear and that things get back to some kind of normalcy. even though i'm not quite sure what normal really is. do you know? i really don't know. and i think perhaps everyone doesn't know so they just kinda follow who acts like they know. just seems so silly really.

i can't figure out where i was going with this entire entry. i really can't. maybe i'm like the rain here today. in and out, up and down, back and forth. scattered with bits of sunshine. hope your bits of sunshine take over your world and make you happy and find you healthy.


  1. my mood is somewhat like the weather today too - sun in and out. where ever the post was going it came together nicely.

  2. I've been thinking a lot of my mom lately too...miss her lots..

    loved your photo...sounds like Norway with the weather ups and downs..but I love fall and can't wait for even more sweater weather..

    Hope your evening is pleasant...:-))

  3. what a "dream like"photo to match your
    thoughts...I never dream about my mom but think of her often...I was never into "art" while she was alive...sigh

  4. love your's like listening to an old friend! Your writing is beautiful! If I were an English teacher I would give you an A+ for these 2 sentences:

    "we're stuck in this holding pattern of weather lately with rainy days punctuated by semi-colons of sunshine and dashes of wind. the acorns are starting to fall and the dogwood trees have jeweled leaves with trifecta of bright colors."

    Poetry right there...

  5. i love this post. it made me want to curl up, with a throw blanket and look out the window. i am gazing out the window now. i adore you, my friend.

  6. such a soft, ethereal photo . . . dreamlike which fits this post perfectly. it is wonderful that you are dreaming of your mom. peace be with you!

  7. i love reading your "ramblins"...
    so beautifully written.

    xo laura

  8. I have not dreamed of my mom in a very long time.

  9. Safe in the comfort of your mother's arms...sometimes I wish I could be there again. I love your "ramblins", Char...there is always truth within them.

  10. Char, cherish your memories. I am glad it felt good. They say as soon as you awake your supposed to write down what you remember then.
    O I seem to have nightmares I temember very few dreams. Take care, enjoyed the writing too.

  11. We are expecting rain here today and I am looking forward to it - it's been a while! We are seeing signs of falls as well in the leaves, but not yet in the temperatures. Can't wait!! Glad you had such a good feeling dream. I love having dreams like that - sometimes my mother visits me as well and my grandmother. Always feels good! Love your blog!! Hugs, Silke

  12. Blossoms are blooming here their pretty but I don't think the compare to the colour display autumn provides.

    Lovely random thoughts today.

  13. You always make me smile - not been a good flickr or online friend because of the funk (yes you know them!)You write through them beautifully... I go into a quiet cave! lol! I hope the recession is ending - I think it's a process - a slow one. I think our "normal" will be a new normal. Kind of like a troubled marriage, going to counseling & finding that new & better place.

    Heading out on the road in an hour...

    Happy day, Char!

  14. My mom died in 1991, when I was just 40 years old...I rarely dream of her but every single time I do I wake up with a glow, a feeling of love, of happiness...I feel good. Is it messages sent from her?...I wish I could dream of her every night:)

  15. Sweet dreams to you on this a rainy day! Hope you find a comfort in all that you do.

    Hey, you can go to Louisiana with me and Becky this weekend...road trip!

  16. I have something for you, come by my blog!!!:)

  17. I had a dream like that about my felt so real, it was uncanny. We were very far from one another when she died, so being given this comforting chance to be with her, and hug her, and get a little bit of her scent in again one last time was very special for me... It gave me some peace. Weird thing, whatever one believes or not, for the first time in my life I thought -- we really are not alone, are we?
    Hmmm. Thanks for reminding me of that dream -- it still remains very vivid in my mind. Hope your day got taken over by little rays of sunshine, too.


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