April 23, 2008

Buzz Kill

Me: I'm calling from X bank regarding the December 2007 financial statements for ABC companies. You sent the September 2007 statements instead, can I get the December 2007.

Him: You're callling from where?

Me: X Bank.

Him: About ABC Companies?

Me: Yes sir. We hold the mortgage on ABC.

Him: Still? We sent you a check?

Me: Yes sir, as far as I know.

Him: Are you sure?

Me: Yes sir.

Him: Check the loan status - you got the check?

Me: Sir, I just need the statements. I don't receive the checks.

Him: Well, I won't send the statement until I know you got the check.

Me: *sigh* Yes sir.

Him: Want me to hold?

Me: No sir. I'll call you back.

This is how I started my morning. He's in New York. The check receipt is in Pasadena, California. I'm in the middle. So, by the time I get the call back from Pasadena three hours later it will be time for NYC to go home. A lovely circle, yes? And...he's already sent the statements previously, just the wrong quarter.

Is it true that people no longer read stuff in italics? I read that somewhere before, but I think it was in italics. You know how it's cool to text? Yeah...I hate receiving texts. They always come at the worse moments and are usually some random crap. I could totally call you and tell you whatever faster than I could type out the text.

For what's it's worth - I really am beginning to hate those big oversized sunglasses that women wear now too. We're all running around in the summer looking like demented, overdressed bugs. Whoever thought looking like a bug was a good idea? Probably the same person that invented tube tops and daisy dukes. No matter how skinny you are, you always look like crap.


  1. I HATE the big sunglasses!!!!!

    Curse you Nicole Ritchie and Mary Kate! (Okay, I don't know if they started the trend, but I'll jump at any reason to curse them)

  2. LOL me too - I mean, big enough to cover your eyes = good, big enough to cover more than half your face = stupid.


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