April 27, 2008

for today

For today: (sunday, april 27, 2008) I will take care of the inner workings of my life.
Outside my window: it's gray, drizzling and generally cool as only spring rain can be. the cat is sleeping on the back of a chair and I can smell brunch cooking in the oven. the television is running in the background and I can smell the candles I lit this morning permeating the air. I've been in a thoughtful mood after the movie last night and think about the what have beens if life had been different. Not in a bad way, just that "what if" way. I know that things turned out the way they did for a purpose and am alright with what my life is.
I am thinking: tomorrow is a new week at work and I'm determined it will be better than last week. I'm going to tackle my new responsibilities with a joy and a happiness that I enjoy a good life and not grumble about what I don't like to do. it may be a case of faking it until you make it, but it's the only way I will survive this new wave in my life. there are many things that could be worse, so I'm going to be grateful.
I am creating: brunch literally but a better day for where I am in this life.
I am wearing: shorts and a tee, I've already been at housework and cooking. these are the weekend uniform at home.
I am reading: Certain Girls by Jennifer Werner.
I am hoping to watch: a beautiful day as I've already had my fix of Ina Garten this morning.
Around the house: papers and candles, me on the laptop and the sounds of the fan in the other room.
One of my favourite things: children laughing


  1. Huh...interesting. After reading Plath's I have been struggling to keep a journal. Most entries are alot like this. I think it's imperitive to keep check every once in a while.

    (Seems like you're doing swimmingly)

  2. I think that sounds like a great day. We could do with a few like that around here.


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