April 13, 2008

So, I took my sister on a tour of great shopping and local foodie places this weekend. Well, we did have Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, but who can hold that against us? We visited tiny little places that only locals know about. And, we found a new fantasy man in the shape of the waiter at Chez Lulu's. *sigh* He was tres' beautiful. I think he earned every bit of his tip today. Plus he kept the coffee poured. A very good thing. We decided his name was Jorge. Yes....Jorge, sounds perfect.

Every Saturday this is this man that preaches on the roadside by the Wal-Mart near my apartment. I admire his dedication and he preaches from noon until sunset. I've never been able to take pictures due to the traffic. This Saturday, he has recruited a new helper. My sister and I smiled as we sat at the traffic signal. They were so happy in the sunshine.

When we got to the hotel, we had a great laugh as the Trojan bus was there. It's touring college campuses giving away condoms. What is really funny was there was a bunch of old guys at the same hotel all laughing that they were getting a delivery. *snicker* Maybe along with that viagra! But it was a funny thing. And, a hot guy was driving the bus. I bet he has the most fun time on his job.

And, before you ask - my sister and I love to hang out in a hotel room when she visits. It's no pressure and we can have all the towels we want. It's a pretty sweet deal as I have points to get free rooms. Yes, life can be very good.

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