April 12, 2008

Don't YOU step on my blue suede shoes

I'm sitting antsy with anticipation that my sister will be here in like, 15-20 minutes. I'm a geek. I adore my sister and she's one my best friends in the entire world. We will spend the day doing girly activities and maybe at times we will not talk at all.

And we will stuff our faces with cheesecake from the horrible place, the Cheesecake Factory. Honestly - just because the cheesecake rocks doesn't mean they can cook anything else well. My dream restaurant would have an al carte menu where I could order the steamed dumplings from Surin, honey crispy shrimp from Chang's, and a cheesecake from the Factory. Of course - those could all change on any given day.

I wonder if there's a movie that is playing this weekend??? I feel a wine buzz already.

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