April 25, 2008

It's time to cut the beard boys, you're over.

Fat and sassy after resplendant thai food, I stroll through my new obsessions on bloglines. I've been on this blog kick lately and have been collecting them like add-a-pearls on a non-sexual necklace. You know, before ZZ Top ruined my innocence. After last weekend's book fair and listening to authors read their craft, I know I don't have a book within me. There are days that I don't even have a blog in me. Whether's that's a sign of happiness or contentment - I have no clue.

I know the girl that I was once in past decades. I was a child (no, I'm not going to start singing Meredith Brooks), then I was lost in the mix, then broken free in the 80's and lost in the mix again in the 90's. I've come into my own the past couple of years. Knowing more about myself than I ever have before. Taking the time to really get down to the core and becoming comfortable within my own skin. Now, I must find out what inhabiting that skin means.

I've thought a lot about legacies over the past few months. The legacies given to me and the ones that I shall leave behind. The sister, the friend, the fantastic aunt....what will it include? I've noticed the boys noticing what I'm looking at when I pick up my camera unexpectedly. Will they see something through my eyes? Do they really think I'm just weird when I make up silly songs or do they secretly think, I'm insane? Are they listening when I talk about issues. I think they are. These boys on the verge.

The sun is shining and I want to run free and shout at the top of my lungs, "I am me." Sure a few crazy looks - that's ok. I want to jump on a teal colored bicycle and pedal as far and as fast as I can - but bills must be paid. So I content myself with tales from other worlds while I plan my adventures too. Life is ok and that's probably the best news of all.

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  1. Run free, woman! Run free!

    And who the fuck care if they think you're crazy! I'll take crazy over sane and boring any day of the week! Have a fab weekend!


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