April 4, 2008

so, what's new with you?

I'm sleepy as I awoke at 5:00 a.m. this morning. Usually I celebrate that occurrence with an hour of so of reading time but today I drifted in and out of sleep. I do that sometimes - have periods of insomnia like behavior, usually if work is too pressing or I'm worried about something. But, I'm not really aware of anything going on in my head that would cause it.

So, I'm going to a covered dish movie and dinner thing tomorrow night. They're a new group of friends and I'm not sure how I fit into the equation. Ever have that "thing" with a new group? Not sure what your role is there? I'm the oldest, so that's always nice (not) and a couple of the guys are very intense. They speak with big guestures and loud voices. I'm so not that person - - well, unless I've had too much to drink, then Mellie tells me that I'm "fiesty". That's funny. Anyway, the issue is that I don't know what to take. I mean, I could make the famous shrimp and grits casserole that everyone loves, but that's very expensive for a new group. (is that awful?????) So, it might be the tried and true loaded baked potato casserole.

Girls...let me clue you in -- Lacome Defincils is the best mascara ever. FYI - it's worth the price. Just like chanel lipstick is worth it.

hmmm, what else? Nothing springs to mind. I start new photography classes next week and will be going two nights. Life is okay. And I can live with that

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