October 1, 2008

bringing the new month home

What does it mean when a friend sends a box of melted chocolate? I have no clue but I thank them anyway. It is the thought that counts.

I feel the layer of winter blubber beginning its annual trek to the middle of my waist and feel the gnawing monster in me to eat everything in sight. As I try to fight Mother Nature and her natual habit of advising me to load up for the winter, I'm past the age of bearing babies (no, really - I swear, I'm over it.) So instead of buying that pint of Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee - I'll make do with a bag of carrots. damn it

Today is October 1st - so in addition to everything that it is touted to be (free candy, cooler weather, etc.), don't forget it's also the month to feel up your boobies. (In whatever context you want to take that - your own personal set, your girl's-wife-lover's set, whatevs) Make sure they are healthy and happy and not lumpy and sickly. It can be very sexy and fun if done with the right person. Grow your hair long and donate it to make a wig. Race for the cure or give some money if you can spare it to cancer research.

October and March are my favoritest of months - each for similar reasons. They both hold the promise of changing seasons and have an excitement to the air we breath. Colors explode around us, either in the pangs of birth or the gasps of dying. The light is magical and runs like sparkly pebbles through my veins...and the hint of exotic scents are rampant. The wind rushes around me, urging me, pushing me, thrusting me into the open....and I long to sit with my hair blowing around me and just "be." They are the months where I'm most "zen" with myself.

Today promises to be a good day to be alive.


  1. Blech Blech Blech. I hate fall. I could go on and on and on about how much I hate it, but I'll stop now. Maybe.

    PS, I found a Haagen Dazs Fleur de Sel pint the other week-- pure heaven. Mmmmmm

  2. anything haagen Dazs makes me happy too!

  3. October is definitely a zen month for me too. So many photo opportunities! It's beautiful here in Utah. They still have all these wildflowers everywhere!

    Mmmmmm....Haagen Dazs.....


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