April 30, 2009


I am much too alone in this world, yet not alone enough to truly consecrate the hour.
I am much too small in this world, yet not small enough
to be to you just object and thing, dark and smart.
I want my free will and want it accompanying the path which leads to action;
and want during times that beg questions, where something is up,
to be among those in the know, or else be alone.

I want to mirror your image to its fullest perfection, never be blind or too old
to uphold your weighty wavering reflection.
I want to unfold.
Nowhere I wish to stay crooked, bent; for there I would be dishonest, untrue.
I want my conscience to be true before you;vwant to describe myself like a picture I observed
for a long time, one close up, like a new word I learned and embraced,
like the everday jug,
like my mother's face,
like a ship that carried me along through the deadliest storm.



  1. what a wonderful post! a beautiful piece by rilke with an equally beautiful photo!

  2. I wonder how many of us could honestly describe ourselves like a long-observed picture?

    It would be interesting to try, wouldn't it?

  3. I miss my mother's face.

    Beautiful poem.

  4. this is so beautiful! and the photo is so fitting.

  5. i have a rilke book somewhere. it seems like it might be a good idea to read it.

  6. i am with country girl the line about a mother's face choked me up...char... you have such a gift of putting images and word together...and I am really hoping your future is looking bright soon jobwise...

  7. Excellent poem and your photos fit so nicely.


i feel as if each comment was between us as we sat and sipped something warm....i love to hear what you're thinking.